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The Witcher 3 will support GPU PhysX, now officially

As the PhysX SDK and APEX integration was announced for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, new RPG title from CD Project Red, the only question was bothering us – will the game actually include hardware accelerated PhysX effects?

We can only say that “Fur and Hair”, mentioned in the slide, are related to actual physically simulated hair and fur technology (APEX Hair & Fur), presented previously. (E3, NVIDIA, Nvidia Physx, PC, Tech, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

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PLASTICA-MAN  +   624d ago
maybe the devs could use TressFx on PCs with ATI cards and on consoles too, but I don't think they will. Multiplatformism always relies on forced hardware solutions rather than pure hardworking efforts from the devs.
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Letros  +   624d ago
Doubt they would go through the trouble to implement two separate physics engines(especially considering PhysX is free to license)

Nvidia PCs will get GPU PhysX.

AMD PCs and consoles will use CPU PhysX.
NameRemoved0017  +   624d ago
a $100 nvidia card runs physx better than a top of the line cpu and Nvidia would never let them use Phsysx off of a PC since both consoles are amd.
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Letros  +   624d ago
PhysX is a free physics engine which both consoles support via CPU calculations, this has been the case for current gen/mobile as well. Nvidia WANTS console games to use it because then they add in exclusive GPU accelerated effects(like the fur in this article) support for PC games which is incentive for PC players to purchase Nvidia.
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NameRemoved0017  +   624d ago
@Letros physx runs horrible on a cpu have you ever tried it? It does not work at all fps wise.
Letros  +   624d ago
Did you have fps problems on BL2, Batman: AA? They, and many others are CPU PhysX games, additionally you can enable extra effects via Nvidia GPU. I dont believe you understand how the process works.
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Need4Game  +   624d ago
PLASTICA-MAN  +   624d ago
and moving fur intimate scene :p
dvewlsh  +   624d ago
I'm totally on board with this.
Foxgod  +   624d ago
For this game i am upgrading to a 770 GTX!
1nsomniac  +   624d ago
That fur looks awesome, the fire as well.
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PLASTICA-MAN  +   624d ago
Well second video title is misleading. It is not like the first one which showcases a specific Nvidia tech (APEX Hair & Fur), it shows the difference between the old render and engine they were using for this game (Red Engine 2 of The Withcer2 which is based on DX9) and their new engine and the use of DX11 features. Expect every DX11 (or equivalent OpenGL) able machine to get those features (including consoles) except for the APEX Hair & Fur (Well I hope they find a way to include some of it). I don't expect the fur to be mainstream feature because you will need the latest Nvidia Card to run the main game, another one for Physx and another one for the fur and hair. I will pass on seeing some nude chicks with interactive real-time moving merkins if this will need robbing a bank to get some virtual :3 moments.
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NameRemoved0017  +   624d ago
Glorious PC master race, **** you AMD your products suck and I will never buy them again after swiching to nvidia and intel its a huge difference in everything.
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ThyMagicSword  +   624d ago
Buying such expensive Cards for moving pelt? I must laugh my ass off. Look at MGS V, they showed the PC Version and Kojima himself said that next gen console Version will look better than the PC Version, because they used the consoles as lead or the engine is more console oriented. This will happen to next CD project's games. I mean, don't understand me wrong, it's a "cool" Feature and so, but only fps eating and not useful in game. I could think of many creatures instead of hairy generic creatures like wolves in RPG's, so not a big deal. I would rather see some big creatures with an artistic and more dark Fantasy oriented design like the blue cavetroll...

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