IGN Burns Rubber Playing Gran Turismo 6 - E3 VIP

IGN's Sean Allen hits the virtual racetrack to show off his driving skills in Gran Turismo 6.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

I would've like to seen the other views while you was racing such as cockpit view. =\

CryofSilence1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

So there would be a steering wheel within a steering wheel? Wheelception. O.O

Knushwood Butt1644d ago

I would've liked to have seen someone that can drive: not some typical scrub.

conjurdevil1644d ago

that was painful to watch

Narutone661644d ago

He should ease up on the accelerator, and learn to brake. I was shouting at the screen to put on the brake!

Knushwood Butt1644d ago

He doesn't know how to Tokio drift.

jamz41644d ago

jeeez, he even had the driving line on

Testfire1644d ago

I've always wanted to get into a racer like GT but I hate using a remote to play, it just didn't feel right and a legit wheel and pedal setup costs too much. Maybe one day...

NioRide1644d ago

100$ for the entry level logitech, fantastic wheel/pedal set, and you can upgrade parts of it overtime, such as getting it to a new clutch/brake/throttle set or a H shifter on the side.

Testfire1644d ago

I know, but I always talk myself out of taking the plunge. Like now, I'm putting all my hobby cash towards paying off the PS4 preorder, and probably the only gaming related thing I'm going to buy from now to the PS4 launch is TLOU. Are all racers wheel compatible? I wonder if Drive Club will be.

NioRide1644d ago

Most games will pick up a wheel, however I'm actually not sure if the force GT will be supported on the ps4, I'd think that it would be a good possibility but I'm not sure.

If a wheel doesn't fully support a game you could always do it the old way and set the bindings yourself. But I have a feeling those days are long gone.

fsfsxii1644d ago

What concerns me is will the G27 work with the PS4?? I got it last year but i feel like i haven't gotten my value out of it yet.

fsfsxii1644d ago

My 9 year old sister drives better with the wheel than this guy

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