Andrew House on E3, PS4: Consumer Ownership is Important, "We Try to Respect the Views of our Fans"

Sid Shuman asked the Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, if he had a message for gamers. - PSLS

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xHeavYx1987d ago

When you buy an used car, you don't have to pay any fees to the dealer, manufacturer, right? Same thing applies here

dedicatedtogamers1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Meanwhile at Microsoft

“Fortunately we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity. “It’s called Xbox 360.” Mattrick said.

"If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards," Mattrick said.

After the May 21st announcement, in response to the backlash against the TV-focused presentation and the DRM policies, Microsoft replied "The super core guys, they will buy everything."

That's what true customer respect looks like!

RiPPn1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

It really is amazing that there are Microsoft fans still backing the Xbox brand when they full well know that their dollars are lining these asshats pockets and supporting their terrible policies.

Daves1987d ago

Nope, but a used car depreciates.

I'm not saying games don't, they do in their own way by going out of favor.

But the analogy doesn't quite work.

Hicken1987d ago

Given that a game that came out a few years ago at $60 can often be found for less than $10 now... I'd say games depreciate faster.

Daves1986d ago

But not after 30 hours of gameplay... or whatever it takes to finish a game.

Data does not degrade.

Hicken1986d ago

Data DOES degrade. It's why your save files corrupt; hell, even a Word file corrupts(trust me, I've lost much writing to bad saves), and it doesn't take years for it to happen.

30 hours is one trip through the game, which is about the same as a round trip in a car. In both cases, with proper maintenance, they'll outlive you.

There really isn't much difference.

kparks1986d ago

I like this guy and jack tretton. When andrew was on stage he had the look of someone proud to be a part of a product not just someone reading off a script "he was" but u could see he was really happy to see the fans react to everything he was saying like it was more to him than just a job kinda hard to explain! Just my thoughts

Majin-vegeta1987d ago

Respect your customers with love and you will reap the benefits.Treat them like animals and feel their wrath.

Cant wait for Sony to demolish xbone done.

Heisenburger1987d ago

As the saying goes: You catch more flies with honey.

And considering all of the positive buzz(GET IT!?!?!?!) surrounding Sony, that just shows proof positive, how accurate that saying is.

GenericNameHere1987d ago

This, I agree with! It's what I want to say when people say "But all these companies just want money!"

Well, no sh!t, Sherlock! Of course every company want money. Heck, even small family owned businesses want money. But these companies need us consumers, right? How do you think they even got this big? If a company does something that the consumers see as positive and benefiting to them, then yeah, they'll buy the product. But if a company treats their customers like trash, do you think anyone's gonna buy their products?

Sony wants money? They treated their customers right by having no DRM, letting you do whatever you want with your disc, and no Internet requirement. Now, pre-orders are up the roof, and they get all positive buzz from critics and gamers.

Microsoft wants money? They restrict consumer rights. What's happening now? They're shooting themselves in the foot, they keep giving Sony free positive press, and now critics and gamers are criticizing them big time. What will happen in the long run if this keeps happening? Low sales, of course.

TrendyGamers1987d ago

They respected us, that's for sure - affordable price, no restrictions, tons of games.

Lovable1987d ago

My view is multiplayer should be free...No? damn it!!!

Pintheshadows1987d ago

It would be nice, no doubt, but I think this was inevitable. I am impressed with Sony's approach to the paywall though. Still get Netflix etc, still get some of the F2P games, still get the asynchronous data from games, all without paying.

RiPPn1987d ago

I view it as a tax to improve the experience. As long as it doesn't increase in price and the plus product doesn't diminish because it's mandated, I'm more than happy to pay it.

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