Game Informer: Hands-On With Knack For PlayStation 4

Knack is Sony's new action/platformer, and it's coming out for PlayStation 4 on launch day. The game's lead designer is Mark Cerny, a gaming legend known for his work on franchises like Crash Bandicoot, Marble Madness, and Jak & Daxter.

Knack takes a retro approach to the character action genre, and features a pared down control scheme meant to be accessible to a wide audience. The game's controls use only the left analog and face buttons, eschewing the shoulder triggers and using the right analog only for a quick God of War-style dodge move.

As a character, Knack is unique in that the character is actually made up of thousands of individual shards that you find in the environment by smashing objects. At his largest, Knack measures over 30 feet tall. During the "big Knack" sequence I played, the enemies scaled up as well, as I threw cars at giant tanks and fighter planes.

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