Xbox One and PS4 could totally change how we experience open world games

Ben Salter of MMGN: The best thing about Xbox One and PS4: No loading.

Thus far, I’ve only seen zero load times to its full effect in Dead Rising 3, but if it’s adopted my most developers, it will revolutionise how we play open world games — because they will never close.

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Excalibur2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I hope so.

Some of the things I'm hoping for Next Gen are

1. Better Graphics.
Make cloth look like cloth, make hair look like hair, make metal look like metal instead of everything looking like shiny plastic.

2. Less linear paths and more open worlds.
I don't mind point A to B but instead of making me go down an ally or hallway give me an entire city block that I can pick my own paths side to side up or down to get from A to B.

3. Co-Op.
My version of "social gaming" is actually playing with my friends, not some gimmicky video watching them play or achievement tracker on my phone.

Games like COD and Battlefield have no excuse of not having each person in your squad playable by one of your friends.
Can you imagine instead of having 2-4 player Co-op having 5-10?

4. Longer games.

Devs have been screaming for years about all the things they could do if they had this or that, well now is the time to put up or shut up, NO MORE 5 HOUR GAMES!!!

Time to impress me.

CrossingEden2010d ago

dude you REALLY have to take budgeting into account, next gen does not magically grant game developers bigger budgets, cause its always up to the publisher unless they're indie or through kickstarter

Kyosuke_Sanada2010d ago

Don't forget A.I, no use making an intricate plan of attack with the enemy is as dumb as bricks.

MonChiChi2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Though I do love open world games, I can't help but think open world may become a gimmick in games like multiplayer has become.

CrossingEden2010d ago

this, i mean open world is nice, but even mirror's edge 2 is open world

2010d ago
hellvaguy2010d ago

Wish we could have gotten solid state hard drives, to prevent that component from bottlenecking, but guess you can't have everything.

Truehellfire2010d ago

PS4 allows you to upgrade your hard drives like the PS3 did. You can buy a seperate SSD if you wanted to. Xbone on the other hand doesn't let you, so pretty much stuck with HDD there.

hellvaguy2010d ago

The console os and games wont utilize that faster speeds of ssd. Just like how ps3 doesnt do it either, even though u cud add in a ssd or hybrid drive.