Warhammer Online: Slipping and Falling - GameSpy's Interview

It's never an easy decision to delay a game in development. It's even worse when a game has already suffered through extensive delays. A little less than one year ago, GameSpy spoke with EA Mythic's General Manager Mark Jacob's decision to delay Warhammer Online into 2008. This morning, the monthly Warhammer Online newsletter brought the distressing news that the game had been delayed again, this time from spring to a fall 2008 release. Given the high-profile nature of the game itself and the length of time it's spent in development, this must have been agonizing. GameSpy were able to get Jacobs back into the hot seat to go over the choice to once again push Warhammer Online back.

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Pain3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

But i "think" this has to do with Porting it for console's.

Since the devs did say they would like to be on console's too, and it is EA and EA's at lol war with Activsion
since they partnered with blizz.


Scerick3619d ago

You act like the delay is a bad thing. This delay is a good thing. Only an MMO that has tons of content, a great ui, and heaps of polish can compete in the MMO market. Delay until you're ready. There's a reason why Blizzard can sell ice to an Eskimo and Mythic is following suit.

ben8063619d ago

lets face it delays are a bad thing, you want to know a good thing?
a game which is given a realistic release date and made to a high standard for that date.

Scerick3619d ago

You obviously have no idea what MMO development is like.

Show me one MMO that has shipped on its first stated release date and been successful?

World Of Warcraft was the first MMO to have several long delays and it still launched with problems but ended up becoming the biggest baddest MMO of them all.

Vanguard, Hellgate London, Tabula Rasa are just a few recent MMO's to NOT delay in order to meat their release dates only to be met with terrible launches, lack of content, and struggling subscriber numbers.

Taking a "When it's ready." approach is the only *smart* way to develop and release an MMO in today's market. First impressions are everything and if your game is content lacking, unpolished, or buggy you will not get a second chance because people will write you off and go back to their previous MMO of choice. There has only been one MMO in the history of MMO's to have a growth increase a year after its launch and that is Eve. All other MMO's have either gone up in a steady incline or gone down in a steady decline.

ben8063619d ago

im not saying that games need to be rushed out.
mmo's are dam hard to develop and warhammer online is doing alot of things no mmo has tried yet, to reflect this you would think the developers would have set themselves a realistic release date for there product.