Final Fantasy VS Street Fighter

Well for those who don't know yet, Final Fantasy: Dissidia is the next FF installment coming to PSP after Crisis Core. The title however will be quite different to what fans have gotten used to over the years. Dissidia is a 1 on 1 fighting game and that's about it.

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midgard2293526d ago

will be amazing, playing with cloud and sephiroth, YES!!!!! hope as extra chars sora and heartless riku will be in it since it is KH gameplay

kevoncox3526d ago

Please make it stop....
Is this what Square rather do than bring games to the 360.
Didn't their first fighter suck. Please stop

sumfood4u3526d ago

ones strictly fighting others role~playing!

meepmoopmeep3526d ago

yeah, but dissidia is going into the fighter genre, only with the FF label. it sounds good so far but Square doesn't have much experience in the fighter genre so it should be interesting to see if they can pull it off.

Harry1903526d ago

they developed ergheiz after all.

Shioka3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

I´ve been waiting for this game to come out D:

rucky3526d ago

... so Ehrgeiz for the PSP? That game alright, though fighting was a little wonky

kornbeaner3526d ago

thats exactly what I was thinking, they make it sound more like Power Stone though. That game was sweet!!!

Skerj3525d ago

Ehgeiz had some depth to it though due to some of the devs from Dream Factory coming from Tekken. I still can't effectively pull off Omnislash with Cloud in that game.

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The story is too old to be commented.