Far Cry 2 interview by 1UP - Betrayal and malaria in first-person shooter sequel

No mutants occupy Far Cry 2's Africa. No extraterrestrial tripods with freeze rays to ice the savannah either. And developer Crytek is nowhere to be found, even though the game bears the family name.

Conspiracy theorists might decry new developer Ubisoft Montreal's decision to take the scifi out of Far Cry as a calculated bid to steer clear of their progenitor's big, scary shooter. But when production on Far Cry 2 began, "Crysis hadn't even been announced," according to creative director Clint Hocking -- and wouldn't be until a full year later. "We knew the guys at Crytek had finished Far Cry, and we assumed they were working on another game...but we had no idea what it would be. We just did our own thing... what we thought would be the best way to make a sequel to Far Cry."

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slak3768d ago

A another shooter :)

Shankle3767d ago

Serious game of the year potential here.

MK_Red3767d ago

Definitly agreed.
This new game looks like a true next-gen Far Cry. Crysis was fun but was nothing more than old Far Cry with upgraded graphics.

Ubi Montreal FTW!

wolfehound223767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Defanitly could be great. From what I read and videos I've seen this looks good. As long as there is a constant frame rate without a lot of slow downs this could be a big sleeper hit. Esspecially with the big shooters coming out around that time. Could be like bioshock last year which kind of came out of no where.

Gorgon3767d ago

Basically, Ubisoft bought the IP and is making a totally unrelated game to the original Far Cry. By using the same name they ensure gamer's attention to the tile, even if it is a totally unrelated game for all practical purposes.

Personaly, I'm glad they made that decision, the sci-fi/alien crap in the original title sucked.