These Are The Indie Games Confirmed For Release On Either PS4, Xbox One Or Wii U

Indie Statik writes "we’re interested in what indie games are coming to each console and there’s a pleasure in weighing up our interest of each console based on what indies are coming to them from what we know so far in the wake of E3 announcements."

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gamer421987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

PS4: 15
XboxOne: 2
WiiU: 22

The WiiU and PS4 are getting great Indie support!

PopRocks3591986d ago

Works for me. Those are the only platforms deserving of any support (between the big three I mean).

darthv721986d ago

in the works for all platforms. the one I'm most anticipating is 90's arcade racer.

ziggurcat1986d ago

bu-bu-but i thought MS supports the indies more than anyone else...

gamer421986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Silly ziggurcat, They are! I mean they already have such great titles as minecraft: Xbox One edition, Below.... give me a second here...

animegamingnerd1986d ago

indies have been praising both consoles left and right while with the xbone.....

Garbanjo0011986d ago

I can't see the link but GOOD NEWS! That's awesome, and exactly what I wanted from consoles, a huge library of games. I can't wait til PS4 gets gaikai, so many games are coming to that console guys! Hell yeah!

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Lucas251986d ago

i really want minecraft on ps4.

ThatCanadianGuy5141986d ago

It's coming.Notch tweeted the other day about "Patience is a virtue" regarding other consoles.

He's obviously on a NDA about the xbox version.But i guarantee it is coming to Playstation.

TesMgsFan1986d ago

Yeah it's coming why would sony give a golden psone to Notch

animegamingnerd1986d ago


jdktech20101986d ago

Don't forget Blacklight Retribution and Warframe. While these aren't small games, they are self published and I think qualify as Indie.

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The story is too old to be commented.