Jack Tretton on E3, PS4: “Never a Better Time to be a Gamer”, Best Feeling is Making People Happy

Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, made a quick appearance on the PS LiveCast to share his thoughts on E3 so far.

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TrendyGamers1858d ago

Jack Tretton (and PlayStation as a whole) is awesome.

camel_toad1858d ago

You could tell he was genuinely happy on stage and not just spouting off a rehearsed gig. I like that guy.

SexyGamerDude1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

I agree totally.

Morgue1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

That night was like watching game 7 of the world series. 2 outs, 3 balls and 2 strikes, bottom of the 9th and Sony hits a home run. Game Over.

ScubbaSteve1858d ago

And Microsofts pitcher kept hitting fans in the head with the baseball.

lucaskeller11858d ago

"playstation 4 won't impose used game restriction on gamers"

*half the crowd stand clap and cheer for 15 secs*

Jack: "I guess that's a good thing" *smiling*

lmaoo XD

pain777pas1858d ago

Trendy .... We all agree. Well said. Bubble up!

SpinalRemains1858d ago

I've been hiding since Giant enemy crab and Ken Kutaragi's "Riiidge Racer!!!!".

Is it safe to come out now?

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Majin-vegeta1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

I think monday night they made the whole world happy.

RiPPn1858d ago

Well there might be a little place in Seattle that doesn't feel that way. :)

stuntman_mike1858d ago

Delsin Rowe will sort them out lol.

Pintheshadows1858d ago

I've always liked Jack Tretton. Ever since he did jazz hands on stage a few years ago i've liked him even more.


have to agree with him. what an amazing feeling.

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The story is too old to be commented.