Super Smash Bros Wii U Vs Super Smash Bros Brawl Character Comparison

Super smash Bros Wii U is will finally be in HD and characters have been more enhanced and changed since Super Smash Bros Brawl.

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kirbyu1986d ago

I love how they're using brighter colors in this game, which is how a Nintendo game should be.

Nitrowolf21985d ago

I actually like the old look on the human characters, seemed more detailed, but honestly the new look fits with how they originally look, as in with the bright colors. Either way I'm excited for the game.

Zodiac1986d ago

Brawl seems to have more realistic clothing, but i like the return of the bright colors. They seem more similar to how they look in their respective games with the more cartoony look.

I forget what site i read it on, but once of the comments stated that the brawl characters looked like they were done based off of fan art trying to make them seem more "mature"

There is nothing particularly WRONG with the brawl character art, but i kinda agree with that comment. The realistic mario overalls were weird at first.

Harkins17211986d ago

I like Samus's old look better. Could have picked any other game to base her off of but they chose Other M. Gah! Links face is so much better detailed. Looks to be great!

LOL_WUT1986d ago

I prefer the washed out colors of brawl looks much better IMO ;)

Hadoukameha1985d ago

Bright, childish colors are a downside. Dunno why any adults would go "BRIGHT COLORS OOOH"

BosSSyndrome1985d ago

Dunno why only adults can play smash bros.

Hadoukameha1985d ago

The games are rated T, so at least make it not seems for 7 year olds instead of 17 year olds.

Kos-Mos1985d ago

Dunno why adults play cod, gow, gears, gta, killzone, halo, me, unchartered, fifa when those games are pure teen games. Colors do not tell difference between adult, teen and child games. Neither does blood and guns.

DivineAssault 1985d ago

BS! M rated games are fun too.. Theres only so much of this mild competitive nintendo stuff that one can handle.. Owning just a wii u & nothing else wouldnt be very fun.. A PS4 is needed under a gamers tv just as much if not more

Kennytaur1985d ago

You've not played Dyad have you? You'd love it.

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The story is too old to be commented.