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It was almost four years ago that Digital Extremes announced it was working on Dark Sector, a third-person action game now available for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Better action games have come and gone since then, regardless of which console you own, but the good news is that those same games have left their mark on Dark Sector, which borrows liberally from Gears of War and is at times reminscent of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Dark Sector's story isn't nearly as interesting or told nearly as well as that of either of the aforementioned games, but if you step into the boots of elite black-ops agent Hayden Tenno solely for satisfying combat, then you won't be disappointed.

The Good
* Killing enemies with the glaive never gets old
* Protagonist's abilities make him a lot of fun to control
* Mostly intelligent enemies and varied boss battles.

The Bad
* Only two multiplayer modes
* Storytelling is pitiful.

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Rick Astley3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Yikes! Looks like I'll be skipping this one.

enigmaticheretic3764d ago

Rent the game and judge for yourself if it's good or not

meepmoopmeep3764d ago

i agree. at least rent it and judge it for yourself. i've played badly reviewed games and loved them and i've played highly praised games and hated them.

joydestroy3764d ago

i'm with them, at least rent it.

most of the reviews say the story sucks, but i don't care about a story all that much when it comes to any sort of shooter. i just wanna go and kill/blow sh!t up. also people are taking points away for it only having 2 multiplayer modes although i've read more are in the works for it.

it's a game i'll buy but probably not until other anticipated releases stop coming out.

eyeDEVOUR3764d ago

i dont know why this game is getting just ok about 3hrs into it and i think its great...great camera effects and visuals...grafix are sweet...and it has more story than most shooters, i mean come on its not an rpg...i havent played online though...i think ill play the single player first...oh and the controls r nice,and fun to steer the glaive with the sixaxis(but not as good steering as heavenly sword)its a must try to me...

The Closing3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

close to gears without people pulling the clone card these days never mind elements from all games are borrowed from one another same as movies, and songs. But you sure as hell can make rainbow 1.5 or mario 500 or brawl 1.3, and still get raving reviews for some reason. In the end it seems because of delays it was just released at a little too late, and had it been a year earlier it would have made a killing although really it's just as relevant today as it was then because they've refined it even more so.

Oh well I think the game is really well done for what it is, which it's 3rd person shooter so if you go in expecting that kind of game you're going to enjoy it. Fun game play, good mechanics, good graphics, and inventive new weapon that brings a new element to game play. The majority of people who knew about it for some reason already decided before they played it they weren't going to like it for some reason, but in the end that's just their lose. It's an easy 8.8, and if you're a fan of gears or resident evil 4 style game play this is a definite purchase. At least do yourself the favor of renting it and making up your own darn mind.

Sevir043764d ago

The game rocks from what i've seen and it's great to look at as well. a good purchase.

it seems that the days of making up our minds on our own is gone because we rely soo much on others opinions...

Lord Vader3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Played for about 2 hours tonite. I give it a 7.9+ for my personal tastes (love Gears & 3rd person perspective). I like the camera view, the controls arent bad at all, the graphix are really nice, & the story isnt so bad as I keep reading in these reviews. Finishers, graphix, the Glaive, & sound are all great.

Very happy with Dark Sector & I wish there were more good 3rd person shooters like this out there personally. Really fun game too.

Sevir043764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

i guess it's story may be weak acording to everyone
but if the action is a blast and it is basically a great and well balanced rip from RE4 and Gears of war then why score it so low. Gears had a very forgettable story as well. it's only saving grace was that it was the first xbox 360 game that LOOKED next gen and at the time HAD unprecident levels of graphics and top notch action with it's uber cool cenematics, and cover system which was borred from kill switch.

1 year and 3 month later a Game with a much better story and more refined gameplay that borrows from Gears and RE4 comes out with georgeous graphics and amazing textures and it's beating with the ugly stick.

if they are gonna rate this they might as well re-review Gears because while it looked good and played well it's story was none existant and their dialog was pretty cheesy. in all reality should have been a B rated game.

it's the graphics and gameplay that should count along with story. because if the story isn't their The game should also fall apart because they reason to unravel the story aint there...

I for one will get this Game. I like Gears and RE4, and from what i've heard the story while weak is alot better than most games out there so that will be it for me

ps3 is my champion3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

but I'll just say no, and anxiously await prologue.

I can understand one or two or three or four 7/10 review scores, but not every single one of them being around that mark.

longduckdong3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

there is no interesting anything in the game. The villains look cheap and dumb. They move dumb. The story is dumb. I hate to say it because obviously they spent a lot of money making the evolution engine, but anything over a 5 rating is too generous. Kane and Lynch was even better

EDIT> "joydestroy" Unfortunately I had Kane and Lynch flashbacks with all the AI running to the same spots like fools. Hit detection is crap too. I honestly thought Kane and Lynch was better at least it had a semi-decent story. Dark Sector story is totally a "who cares" because it sucks

EDIT> "bird5" I know Kane and Lynch sucked. Dark Sector sucks more.

EDIT> the graphics are generic places and monsters you can't tell what they are because they look like a bunch of textures that's all. The gore is poorly done. The voice work when guys get killed is gay and annoying. I'm just giving you guys my honest opinion and you've been warned. Save your money!

joydestroy3764d ago

are you serious? i HATED Kane and Lynch. i thought the devs seriously failed with that one. Army of Two did a better job as far as co-ops are concerned.

ps3 is my champion3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

sucked Longduckdong

"EDIT> "bird5" I know Kane and Lynch sucked. Dark Sector sucks more."----- yep, that pretty much nails the coffin on darksector for me.

joydestroy3764d ago

@ longduckdong

but at least Dark Sector brought something new to the table, the glaive. what did Kane and Lynch bring? plus from the looks of it, Dark Sector has wayyy better graphics. i mean, look at that blood splatter, haha.

Lord Vader3764d ago

Dude please, Kane & Lynch doesnt even compare to Dark Sector - I do not think you have played the game...

stupid comment dude...

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joydestroy3764d ago

oh, and screw reviews. not every game that comes out is going to be as good as MGS or GTA or CoD4. i mean c'mon, games are supposed to be fun and there are plenty out there that have gotten better scores that blew chunks of ass.

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