Nintendo: We need to develop games 'quickly', we're 'too careful'

Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma revealed that he thinks developers at Nintendo (himself included) are often too careful with game development and take too much time to get games out the door.

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gamer421683d ago

Let's hope this doesn't remove any of the quality.

s8anicslayer1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Nintedo's stance since the days of the N64 "Quality before Quantity". That's ok for 1st party games but the fact that most devs making games for the 360 and PS3 are just skipping the WiiU is unfortunate and it's only going to get worse when next gen sets in. With any one aside from nintendo at least.

CrossingEden1683d ago

nintendo made majora's mask in less than a year -_-

NeXXXuS1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

^technology also wasn't as advanced as it is now. the average time it takes to make a game is about 3-4 years when work is put into it.

DarkBlood1683d ago

well the locations in the game is kind of centralised, not to say OOT wasnt in that sense.

so it just seems easier to do i guess

cpayne931683d ago

Back in those days things were different. If I remember correctly, goldeneye was made by a team of 12 people. Games are much more detalied nowadays due to more detailed graphics, animations, and voice acting. Plus mm used a lot of precedents set in ocarina of time, so it took less effort.

ElitaStorm1683d ago

Nintendo, STAPPP!!

shut down DAT mario factory now

kirbyu1682d ago


shut down DAT disagree factory now

solidt121682d ago

Hey Wo there. Stop that. I might be a straight up Playstation fan now but I grew up playing Mario on the NES. They better not shut down that Mario Factory, they just need to create some new IP's to compliment their collection of classic IP's.

ElitaStorm1682d ago

i grew up playing mario aswell but dont you think it would be great to see another new IP just as fun as mario then a new mario?

NameRemoved00171683d ago

Better for the game to be polished at launch than to be an unfixable pile of crap.

mitchell11881683d ago

COD on vita for

BosSSyndrome1682d ago

At least that's a fixable pile of crap.

fatstarr1683d ago

thats fixed with DLC patches Lmao.

sway_z1683d ago

There's a fine line between quality & quantity...Ninty need that balance.

TXIDarkAvenger1683d ago

I believe they have that balance. They don't pump out shitty half-done games and add paid DLC later.

LOL_WUT1683d ago

New Super Luigi U says hi ;)

_QQ_1682d ago

New super Luigi isn't bad DLC, an entire game for 20$? and almost a year after the original game released.

AznGaara1683d ago

If Naughty Dog can churn out The Last of Us in 3 years I'm sure Nintendo can do the same with Zelda.

AsheXII1683d ago

Zelda games are a lot bigger and more gameplay driven than TLoU though.

dantesparda1682d ago

wait, what? alot bigger and more gameplay driven? give me the copies of Zelda you've been playing

_QQ_1682d ago

@dantesparda Skyward sword takes at least 30 hours to beat skipping side quests ect, Last of us is said to take max 18 hours.

dantesparda1682d ago

ok, i'll give you longer/more time, but more gameplay driven? really?

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The story is too old to be commented.