SOCOM Confrontation Marching Out on September 16

1UP has brought you several big stories on SOCOM Confrontation in the past month, but today Sony passed on one more important piece of information: a release date. The latest iteration of the popular online shooter franchise will be arriving on September 16.

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EZCheez3621d ago

I was really hoping it would come out in July. Sucks.

It's probably a good thing Guerilla said KZ2 wasn't coming out then, because that would have been a serious confliction.

sonarus3621d ago

yea september is a little too far off. KZ needs to step up. I honestly don't know what the fvk sony is doing with their titles. They seem to be cramming everything to the end of the yr. Inevitably they will end up having to push some back

Peekay3621d ago

I think the word you're looking is "cannibalize". Sony has to make sure it's games don't cannibalize each other's sales.

sonarus3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

R2 is sticking to November cus it has to rumble with gears but i really don't see how sales won't get cannibalized. Worse it will lead to confusion if they launch too soon. Gamers will be confused with which fps to get and that is just stupid. It probably isn't their fault guess they can't control when the games get finished but how about injecting a sense of urgency into Guerilla. F'in ho's can't even commit to a sept release date. By sept this yr KZ2 will officially have been delayed for a full yr. Yet you see them prancing around the playstation forums. Get back to work you lazy bastards

EZCheez3621d ago

Thanks for the lesson though. It's called deconfliction, and it's key to keeping one main event from disrupting another. That's what us military guys say.

mikeslemonade3621d ago

This does not cannabilize sales because this is the only tactical 3rd person shooter on any console coming out at that time during the year.

Peekay3621d ago

for the hardcore gamer. The regular Joe has a budget of $x and if one of these games surpasses the other in class by a large margin then his money will go to the best game. If all of these games are just as good as one another then I think Joe still would be happier with the games being spread out over a time period to spend his well earned cash.

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AlterEgo3621d ago

aww man. i was counting on July too.

oh well.

i wonder what they have in store for the beginning of summer then?

*patiently waits*

EZCheez3621d ago


I would love having some Tekken 6 this summer but I don't know what the chances of that are. Didn't they use some sort of PS3 architecture to run the game in arcades?

AlterEgo3621d ago


you're right. even though i'll probably be done w/ MGS4 by July...MGO should hold me over

and i honestly don't know about the Tekken 6 arcade units

sonarus3621d ago

yea tekken runs on the cell processor even in the arcade version. However bandai namco have soul calibur pinned for a summer release so we probably won't see tekken till the end of the yr at best

SRuN43621d ago

Open beta will probably be July.

Hagaf223621d ago

the second half of this year is going to be packed with huge shooters... kz2, this, and resistance 2. im broke already.

EZCheez3621d ago

But I thought that exact same thing when I put down preorders on KZ2, Haze, and Little Big Planet. Those had release dates in November and February, and I still don't have them.

Don't get me wrong. I want the games to "be all they can be," but I just wish publishers were a little more accurate with release dates.

Jandre023621d ago

Thats just stupid. That means it will be delayed almost a year when it had a release date of November(I think it was). Its a PSN title, what is the hold up?

I want Socom more than any other game coming to the PS3, besides maybe FF. This is a really douchebaggy move. Its like they had the game done last year, through the whole thing away and started all over again. This is BS.

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