Microsoft’s Don Mattrick’s Comments: A Result of Frustration or Ignorance?

Sean Halliday of Gamer Euphoria writes:

''Microsoft have had something of a turbulent time since their E3 outing. Even with a solid conference that showed some decent games, they have struggled to make a positive impression on the audience. Let’s face it: every company screws up every once in a while on the biggest stage in the industry, but Microsoft have taken E3 2013 as their opportunity to not just screw up, but almost stick two fingers up at their customers.''

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yesmynameissumo1982d ago

Both imo. That or he just lives in a completely different world than his consumers.

Cupid_Viper_31982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Of course he lives in a completely different world.

When you're a millionaire and live in luxury, and fly around in private jets, it's easy to lose sight of everyone else who are below you so to speak. That's why people admire those who are lucky enough to be wealthy, yet somehow manage to remain grounded in reality.

So it's no surprised that he finds it hard to believe that a lot of people simply don't have 24/7 access to the internet. Or that they can't always afford New Games, and have to borrow them or buy them used sometimes.

Technically speaking, we live in a very different world than them.

abzdine1982d ago

pride is killing them and they dont know how to cope with it

Greatness awaits

wenaldy1982d ago

Good response! Bubbles.

iceman061982d ago

Pride goeth before the fall!!! MS really just needs to be OPEN and HONEST about everything. They need to EXPLAIN why it is necessary to have DRM and 24 hour checks and WHY it is good for consumers. Then, just swallow their pride and hope that all is forgiven.

DragonKnight1981d ago

I'd say it's neither and is in fact arrogance. When he told Geoff Keighley that those without the necessary online connection should stick with the 360, he appeared to be neither frustrated nor ignorant of what he was saying. Everything MS has decided with the X1 has been out of arrogance and the belief that they will be the forerunners of industry change.

mistertwoturbo1981d ago

We're fortunate that people like Mark Cerny exist who influence even the highest executives at Sony.

Freedomland1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Sony really saved gamming this time around, we have to buy PS4 to support them.

Here is the interview of Don Mattrick,

inveni01981d ago

The reason Microsoft can't explain why their DRM and "semi-always-on" policies are good for consumers is because it is not.

Face it, in this economy, anyone can lose a job. That means that internet access at home may be one of the first costs trimmed. Selling an Xbox One at a $200 loss in order to grab some quick cash is a poor financial decision (especially if the console can't be sold used), and most people might be smart enough NOT to do that. And that means that they have a box they can't use.

Furthermore, it doesn't help the publishers or devs, either. Anyone saying it does is ridiculous. Five-hundred million dollar movies are still being made, even though Redbox is successful. There is ROOM IN THIS INDUSTRY FOR A USED MARKET. Anyone saying otherwise is just a greedy a-hole.

And when has Microsoft ever been anything but a greedy a-hole?

Anon19741981d ago

I don't think it's arrogant. I think it's just matter of fact. When Kutaragi was asked about the goal for the PS3, and he commented that they wanted people to want one to the extend they'd be willing to work more hours to get one...many saw that comment as arrogant. It wasn't arrogant. They wanted people to want one to the point where they would be willing to make sacrifices to pay for one. There were plenty of products on the market for people who didn't want to spend much money.

These comments I think are similarly being blown out of proportion. The interviewer was trying to bait him with that question. Clearly if you don't have internet, the Xbox One isn't for you. It's like asking someone "I noticed this novel is in Spanish. Aren't you worried that people who don't speak Spanish won't be able to read it?"

Personally, I think it was a huge misstep by Microsoft to require an internet connection when a third of the US don't have high speed internet, but do I think it's arrogant that they created a product aimed at a certain demographic? Of course not. The PS3 was aimed at a different demographic than the PS2 as well and was priced out of many's reach, but sold almost on par with the PS2's launch numbers until the recession hit. I didn't think that was arrogant, and I don't think this is arrogant. Stupid, maybe. A complete misread of the current market, definitely, but hardly arrogant.

Tzuno1981d ago

True man, they are so rich that they forgot that not everyone has money to throw that easy.

kingme711981d ago

A better analogy is here is your novel in Spanish. You can read it as long as it is connected to the internet at least once a day.

So, my take is the XBone is not for people that play single player games?

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D-riders1982d ago

seriously go watch the real house wive of hollywood. Those people are not in reality. First off with all the plastic surgery they dont even look like humans. Real world issue they have no connection with, they have no clue about moneyor people who don thave money. I'm fortunate enough to not worry about money, there are at most 20 people out of the thousands I know, that don t have to worry about money. They dont livein realit, I asked on eof them how much does milk or eggs cost. they have no idea. A person like this should not speak for the masses. look at the country from 2000 to 2008, pretty bad when you got people who dont live in reality running things. This guy has no roots to being normal either and that is critical.

SilentGuard1982d ago

yeh, and look at the country from 2008 to now, its even worse when you got people that don't accept reality running things.

jmc88881982d ago

Look at who run the country since...they don't live in reality either and have done all of the things the other guys done and more.

Seriously. Obama is just as bad and out of touch as Bush.

Wall Street controls both parties, and most definitely controls Barack Obama. Just like Bush.

Obama has always been a douche. The first thing he did as candidate-elect was bring in the guys who repealed Glass-Steagall into his economic team.

By Nov 2008, if you didn't (or any democrat) think Obama was a scumbag who represented a further destruction of America....were being completely foolish.

Obama has been out of touch since the beginning, it's only now some Democrats are figuring it out....after bashing other democrats who had figured it out 5 years ago.

dudeOplenty1981d ago


Thank you for touching on this. When I think of DRM, I too think of presidents, as they are, in fact, the biggest influence on video game policies. /s

Shut up.

NateCole1982d ago

For a guy push for always online it seems he does not go on the internet.

It's a bloodbath everywhere for MS.

wastedcells1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

He should have said buy a PS4...thats pretty much what I got from that comment. The video of this was up on gametrailers. Seach and you will find it...Its bad.

Benjammin251982d ago

You can't talk to your potential consumers like that. He was totally out of order.

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Shadow Flare1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Don Mattrick, King of the Rats

Your response came out of frustration, and through being astoundingly butthurt. Sony pimp slapped your rat face smile clean off

elhebbo161982d ago

that's an embarrassment to rats.

sinjonezp1981d ago

Is it me or watching this guy has snake written all over him? He puts on that super fake smile and his head bobbles like a rubber duck in a tub. In the interviews he reminds of George Bush. Silly expression with a non believable tone. Smh

Majin-vegeta1982d ago

Both.I would love to take his 1996 vcr and smack him across his face with it.

Mikelarry1982d ago

more like slam dunk it on his smug face. " if you haven't got internet connection we've got a product for you its called xbox 360"

VonBraunschweigg1982d ago

Yeah I read that line, I think it was somebody else from MS who said that, Mehdi something. No internet buy a 360, we're not making a lot of games for it anymore but go ahead and buy a 360.

I think I'm going yo buy a PS2 this weekend, just for the fun of it, I think I can find a store that still sells them. And if Central Station is still up I might even get it connected:)

Mikelarry1982d ago

@ von it was mattrick see the below video that proves it

VonBraunschweigg1982d ago

It was Mattrick:) now I can't provide a link but I know pretty sure I heard it from another rep as well, so they must have studied it!

What do we say to those without intetnet?
Tell-em to buy a 360?
Yeah great idea!

What a bunch of morons:) What the hell am I supposed to do with a 360?

tiffac0081981d ago

Don't bro, its not worth it and you'll hurt the VCR.

Enemy1982d ago

Idiocy, arrogance, and all of the above.

King-Prodigy-X1982d ago

Its both and another thing I don't like how he gets on that stage and smile every year, it always looks like he's about to rape somebody.

GamerEuphoria1982d ago

Not quite sure how well it would of gone down if we likened his face to a rapists. He does have a very fixed grin on his face during conferences, i personally put that down to confidence in the product rather than some hidden sexual desire

1nsomniac1982d ago

...No he's definitely a corporate rapist!

JohnS13131982d ago

" ...No he's definitely a corporate rapist! "

That's Microsoft for you and why I don't like them. I've been watching them do the same old crap going back to the 80's. When they got really big they got greedy and started trying to destroy everyone else.

VonBraunschweigg1982d ago

Yeah well that skinny creepy Brit with his squeeky voice is no fun to watch or listen to either, good for him he was holding up a PS4.

Next time it should be Jack, Kaz or Ken. I say Jack, always liked that guy. Can also smile bad, but in a good way.

rainslacker1981d ago

Think you mean Andy House. And yeah, he does seem really smug...probably the accent doesn't help...but you can tell he at least cares and has confidence in the product he's promoting.

mantisimo1981d ago

And what is wrong with us Brit's?