EA says Online Passes weren't worth the PR damage

"Shortly before the reveal of Xbox One, Electronic Arts finally announced it was scrapping its dreadful Online Pass system, due to "listening to the public." While the Xbox One's DRM-fueled strategy renders the Online Pass obsolete, EA is adamant that's not what drove its decisions."

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Murad2012d ago

Wow EA, are you trying to dig yourself out of that whole you buried yourself in?

Godmars2902012d ago

Months if not years after the fact...

Doctor_Freeman2012d ago

Definitely years, but hopefully they keep true to this road and they've seen the light.

HammockGames2012d ago

I'm glad they're dropping online passes.

But did they feel the recent and disastrous Sim City DRM debacle was worth the PR damage?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2012d ago

Hey I am glad they are trying!

Keep it up EA!!! I may begin to like ur guts!!!

HammadTheBeast2012d ago

Actually, with their partnership with MS, it looks like they're digging at the walls of the hole. They get a bigger hole, but soon or later, its caving in.

pompombrum2012d ago

Meh, they only realize it's damaging them when it effects their bank accounts. They've got a long way to go.

Sideras2012d ago

let's just hope they are sincere. Next up stop rushing shit out the door.

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Lovable2012d ago

LOL. Too late brah?

You already destroyed your credibility.

SexyGamerDude2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Idk, they kind of are starting to win me back a little. Battle Front and Mirrors Edge 2 were the best announcements EA has put out in a while.

And I can see they are trying to change their image and I respect it.

Panthers2012d ago

EA makes some good games, so as long as they learned their lesson and are humbled by it, then Im ok with that. Just dont let it happen again lol.

MS is being humbled right now. Gamers do not want these restrictions.

Nyromith2012d ago

Something good is happening to EA lately.

ginsunuva2012d ago

No the reason for stopping online passes is to allow more people to buy dlc ans microtransactions for multiplayer.

Still evil. Just stealthily.

Murad2012d ago

Their board of directors are getting fired? Maybe quitting? Who really knows, and who really cares

NameRemoved00172012d ago

The reason they are trying to fix their company is because their new CEO isn't an ass.

Number-Nine2012d ago

seeing what they did to mass effect, dead space, the sims, diablo and other games...i dont either

2012d ago
Number-Nine2012d ago

HA! oops :(. I was thinking about Diablo but didn't mean to write it. womp womp

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