5 games at E3 which failed to live up to expectation

TotallyGN writes: There is a lot of good that has come out of the various conferences at E3 over the past few days, but for every good there is a bad. This is where I write the 5 games that let me down at E3 and covers all the respective conferences so as not to be bias towards one company...

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gamingden1983d ago

Not a very descriptive or well written article. In terms of the Smash Bros complaint, of course Nintendo isn't taking it seriously. Do you want a playable character to be the boy in the striped pajamas? Smash Bros is a goofy celebration of Nintendo star power--not a social commentary.

brodychet1983d ago

boy in the striped pajamas uses his expert skills to lure you into certain death.

mikeslemonade1983d ago

There shouldn't any expectations for racing games anymore, so GT6 isn't valid. They're only going to look so much better. What else do you expect. There's more room for improvment in Football games and Basketball games. It's like how you gonna improve Golf, Boxing, and racing by so much anymore.

TongkatAli1983d ago

Killer Instinct five times.

nismo151983d ago

yea obviously all the good devs that were in rare originally that made the awesome killer instinct games on the snes etc bailed after microsoft brought out rare and did nothing with the company.. just milking off the franchise for a quick buck ...

raiden-491983d ago

Yea you can see with it using a free to play model and charging for extra characters...

MikeyDucati11983d ago

Did this guy seriously think that ACBF was going to be anything different than it's predecessors? That Ubisoft would dare to stray away from a money making formula? Stop buying that crap. The redundancy in gameplay is getting to be way ridiculous.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1983d ago

How much can he expect these games to change from the previous?

Smash bros-still beating each other up
Gran turismo-still racing
Assassains Creed BF- still assassinating

Assassins creed has been annual for the past few years now also so that can only be so different.

nismo151983d ago


Rest of e3 was fine

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