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The Last of Us is incredible.

Does it provide fully immersive storytelling and intriguing, likable and complex characters?


Is it graphically superior to anything else you've played?

You bet.

Is the gameplay original and will it change the way we play these sorts of games in the future?

No, you've played a few games that feel very similar to this before.

But the overall product is polished off so well that you can just enjoy the ride, so sit back, strap yourself in and prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster and nail-biting terror.

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vikingland12012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Tomorrow tomorrow I love ya tomorrow . Tomorrow's a day a waaay.
Sorry I couldn't help myself.

Heisenburger2012d ago

*looks at you judgingly*

*makes sure no one is around*

The sun will come oooouut tomorrow! Even through the cobwebs and the sorrow, there'll be sunnnn.

(No, I didn't look up lyrics ;)

vikingland12012d ago

LMFAO good to see someone has a sense of humor.
But on topic I am so excited for this game.