Is it Really Time For American Men To Grow Up?

Times they are a trying I tell you. Video games get such a bad rap these days. Whenever anyone from a "news" station/paper/website needs a little readership boost, the first place they go to with their fear mongering is games. Mass Effect showed this, and GTA made him do this, and men are all playing Halo 3 and it will be our doomsday. Did you know that it wasn't a couple oil tycoons becoming our leaders through funny numbers and then starting an oil war that caused of all our problems? Nope, it was video games. You buying all those sixty dollar games is the reason we are in a recession, it the reason we are at war. Video games. It sounds ludicrous, but then again, I'm a gamer. I could be biased.

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BubblesDAVERAGE3766d ago

Sounds like something a women says...its a hobby we dont call the female gender shoe/shopping habit immature..yet thats how they rationalize things they dont understand

JsonHenry3765d ago

Okay let me get this straight... I can own my home, car, work since the very same day I turned 14 and have NEVER been without a job since then, make enough money so that my wife can stay home with our daughter and not work and just because I have a hobby where I play video games I need to grow up?


Alcaponeyou3766d ago

by gamers playing games and not out there killing, it's proven that while we're busy playing - we're not the ones causing the violence.

LarVanian3766d ago

This game sounds awesome!

OC Shock Value3766d ago

Well if the PS3 is any indication of where games are headed in the future.. i will never grow up.. especially if games like call of duty MGS and final fantasy keep commin out.. guess ill haveta be a loser 4 ever.. with a big loser smile on my face

Jon Cage3766d ago

We just have to wait it out until all the people that have this opinion are dead or senile. One good thing we have on our side is that the Wii is getting the great unwashed masses to actually try gaming.

OC Shock Value3766d ago

good stuff man.. ur absolutely right.. once this last little generation of game haters is gone, gamers will be the majority.. ull be an outcast if u "hate games"

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The story is too old to be commented.