Nintendo: Should They Go The Way Of The Segasaur?

E3 has been an exciting one this year. New games and consoles were paraded in full, flexing their imagination and uniqueness to the gaming industry masses. That was describing Sony and Microsoft. The other giant in gaming is Nintendo and where were they? Hiding on their Nintendo Direct presentation with nothing to show that was unique or imaginative. Could Nintendo go the way of Sega, who descended into making purely games for other consoles rather than create their own? Quite possibly.

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diepdiep1950d ago

This question should be extinct by now.

PopRocks3591950d ago

This question/article should go the way of the Segasaur.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing1950d ago

Wow is funny how ppl really want Nintendo to become the next Sega but what most ppl don't realize is Nintendo got so much money they will still put out another console even if the Wii u fails

Viper71950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

It's not money they lack, it's this thing called Time. Developing a competitive console takes time and effort, not just money.

If it didn't, you'd already be playing Zelda and Metroid for WiiU.

MNGamer-N1950d ago

Nintendo will never die. They will live longer than you and I. Since 1889.