E3 2013: RetroN 5 Retro Gaming Console | oprainfall

oprainfall writes: “I love older video games, so much that I have a rather large library. With technology advancing, those old games are becoming harder to get running on TVs due to input issues. Hyperkin is looking to bring back retro gaming with the RetroN 5 and give it a modern twist. From what I saw, collectors of retro video games should be excited.”

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TedCruzsTaint1949d ago

That's a nice looking system.
While I simply just emulate nowadays, I can see me throwing one of these next to the television. Still have boxes full of carts and I can see this making for a fun night of drinking with friends.

AceofStaves1948d ago

This would be a great way to free up space by my TV.

Smashbro291948d ago

This is an emulator that takes cartridges.

1948d ago