Scandinavian (Game) Design, Part 1 - Riddick, Alan Wake, the Battlefield games, Age of Conan, and more

GameTap writes: "While you've probably come across gamers of all nationalities during PC, Xbox Live, or PlayStation Network gaming sessions, you might think of game development as something that happens just in the U.S., Japan, and the U.K. Well, you'd be wrong. Though some traditional development hot spots, like France, have cooled down significantly, developers are thriving in areas such as Scandinavia, which consists of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Popular franchises such as Hitman, Battlefield, and Max Payne all originate from Northern Europe. In many ways Scandinavian game development has in recent years dominated over the traditional European development hotbeds such as the U.K. and Germany.

Each of these countries differs greatly from one another in terms of language and culture, but if there is one thing in common in Scandinavian game development, it's the high quality of technology and the do-everything-yourself mentality. In fact, almost every Scandinavian developer creates its own technology as opposed to using middleware. Here are the cream of the crop."

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ar3676d ago

Finland isn't a part of Scandinavia.

Lygre3675d ago

It's a bit annoying that so many people think that Finland is a part of Scandinavia.

Scandinavia = Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Nordic = Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

There you have it.