How Sony Won E3

Cliffy B’s tweet reminds us, this is a war, not a battle. The overall success of the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One will be decided far in the future. But the result of the initial battle can often decide the course of a war, and Sony would know: in 2005, the Xbox 360 was the consensus winner over the Playstation 3, which spent the next eight years playing catch-up (which, it should be pointed out, was largely successful).

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majiebeast1949d ago

Cliffy B the guy who hates used games doesnt like the system that allows used games without any hurdles what a surprise.

blitz06231949d ago

The only reason Cliffy B hates used games is because Microsoft hates used games. The guy should just tweet "I love MS more than my wife"

darx1949d ago

Regarding the 10 family member plan:

Microsoft Xbox Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Yusuf Mehdi:
(Via Ars Technica) For one, a family member doesn't have to be a "blood relative," he said, eliminating the extremely unlikely possibility that the Xbox One would include a built-in blood testing kit. For another, they don't have to live in the primary owner's house—I could name a friend that lives 3,000 miles away as one of my "family members" Mehdi said.

If true with no strings attached who cares about used games. It's conceivable I will never have to buy another game again. Less online MP that is.

That would be enough for me to purchase an XB1.

I guess it's wait and see!

Conan-O-Brady1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Seems as if Cliff may be just a little @$$-hurt. He does however point out a major problem in our hobby....the CASUALS...I for one am not a COD player, I don't buy the yearly Madden games and I have never played angry birds.

This coming gen we gamers are gonna have to hold the line or we'll see the industry being run by nothing but greedy, salty @$$ clowns like Cliffy B. and giant mega game publishers like Capcom and EA.

Kingthrash3601949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

lol cliff B. its like asking a MS employee who won E3!

majiebeast said it already "what a surprise" smh

lol @ majin thats the best way to put it.

warewolfSS1949d ago ShowReplies(3)
FrigidDARKNESS1949d ago

Once again they won on low price and no DRM but lost on games and quality.

ricochetmg1949d ago

The only game they have is titan fall which will be on ps4 because EA is publishing it. give me DEstiny.

FrigidDARKNESS1949d ago

I read an article yesterday wfere MS and Respawn ent. Signed an exclusive deal for Titanfalls kinda like the GEOW deal with Epic Games. Destiny is a multiplatform game and did you know that MS has a 49% controlling intrest in Bungie.

NateCole1949d ago

If you think MS has more exclusives then Sony then you are nuts.

MS basically Blew their load for the next 1.5 years. Sony is just starting.

FrigidDARKNESS1949d ago

My comments doesn't say anything about exclusives. I'm saying MS games had the wow factor.

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