Microsoft's E3 Presence - A Hit and Run Performance

TRG gives their performance a 4.5/10 - Microsoft started off with a superpowered E3 press conference in which they made it known that their Xbox One will indeed be a machine that allows for next-gen gaming. With the most exclusives shown at the event in general, there can be no denying that their TV integration features aren’t the whole story. Unfortunately, they proceeded to generally bail from E3 after that with few interviews granted and no other questions answered even by proxy. This absence left the public with more questions than answers and with only a hope that they are regrouping to answer the other game companies’ knives in their side.

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Mikelarry1980d ago

you gotta give it to ms they showed good games to me personally i would rate their e3 conference a 7

MikeMyers1980d ago

People wanted games and that is exactly what Microsoft delivered. New ip's, lots of exclusives, great hardware, limitless possibilities with cloud gaming. All being played on possibly the best controller.

shivvy241980d ago

ms did have a great conference , but the letdown was that they didnt adress why being online is benificial for the consumer ( its not ) and why is it an advantange of these drm features ( there arent ) ! so yea

MikeMyers1980d ago

That's the hurdle they will have to overcome in the future. So far what I gather is they are pushing the cloud a lot, want everyone to have the same updates and are looking to want a world where everyone is connected so that you can do certain things like share access to 10 other family members game library.

What I saw with games like Destiny and Forza show the potential of true next generation of gaming. Of course the question is why does everyone have to be online but if everyone is connected it makes it that much easier to implement these features and force gamers to see the difference.

ltachiUchiha1980d ago

They had the best e3 microsoft has had in years. The last great e3 i can remember was when they announced ff & mgs to be coming to the 360. I tip my hat to them for showing games but gamers & the gaming media really wanted to see or they would get rid of the restrictions & sony was the only ones who had the balls to go against it. That alone was strong enough to make sony victorious & a lower price tag just finished the job. Sony wasnt playing & showed that they support all gamers rights. Dont matter what console of choice u like, u also have to give sony credit for siding with what gamers want. I dont see what is so hard about just dropping the used game crap & gamers will want to buy an xbone aswell. Is it so freakin hard to just get rid of that? And why the hell does kinect have to be added in the box? Take the crap out & sell the xbone for $399 aswell. Microsoft just makes everything so freaking hard to want their bloody system.

TRGMatt1980d ago

Gotta disagree here. They had a fantastic press conference but then they bailed and granted few (if any) interviews leading to ZERO explanations about their machine. E3 is about showing off and all they did was look pretty on Day 0, before the actual expo even started.

On day 3 some soundbytes and statements were FINALLY made but both Sony and Nintendo were available all week to field questions. Hell, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and EA did a better job with the public than MS did. I can't walk away from that with a favorable sense at all. I understand they need to regroup, but you can't just disappear from the biggest game conference in the world after you show off your stuff. You gotta field questions.

grimmweisse1980d ago

Great games and new ip's indeed, but I don't believe that cloud nonsense they were spinning and it's definitely not limitless.

That same spiel was used with Sim City, saying there were such high complex calculation that could only be done server side. I was proven to be false and a lie.

I feel the same with the Xbox One.

Veni Vidi Vici1980d ago

Yes, MS finally showed some new IP's. But that's coming after years of hardly having anything to offer the 360. Is MS going to abandon the Xbone near the end of its cycle like they did the 360? I tend to follow past trends and I don't like what MS has done for the past several years on the 360. They're going to have to prove to me that this time they'll be more dedicated to the games over the long haul.

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cleft51980d ago

Just sad. Makes them look incredibly weak.

sway_z1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

I wonder if MS will have a presence @TGS at all, given that they are significantly stalling Xbox One's roll out in the far east...

Seems everything MS does, only serves to work against them.

J Allard and Peter Moore were good for MS and the Xbox brand. Makes you wonder if things may have been different if he (Peter Moore) was still with the Redmond firm?

cleft51980d ago

At the very least, if Peter Moore was running the show the message would be clear and you wouldn't have assholes like Don Mattrick telling people who don't have an internet connection that they can buy a 360. That statement pisses me off so much.

1lawrence1980d ago

oh man does this site count towards metacritic i hope not

MasterCornholio1980d ago

Microsoft did show some good games but that doesn't change the fact that their policy's with games are horrible for consumers.

Motorola RAZR i

wishingW3L1980d ago

and most of the games don't even have release dates anyway. They showed a lot of games that will not even be playable on the XB1 until fall 2014 or Q1 of 2015.

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