Day Z Standalone Alpha Release 'Imminent' Says Creator

Gameranx: "It's very, very, very close," said Hall of the game's release. "We need to get it out because we need feedback on the systems we've designed."

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snake_eater1982d ago

That picture is from WarZ, please change it.

Anyway, DayZ...playing every day love the mod

ATi_Elite1982d ago

I can't wait anymore. I'm actually SICK of waiting.

The improvements, additions, and graphical updates made to DayZ are worth a $80 price tag. The Game is now pure GENIUS and will ONLY get better with patches.

So there goes another 300 hours of my life walking around killing in the name of beans and bandages LOL

Gravitic1981d ago

In the Gamespot E3 interview he said a ''few months'' lol

TedCruzsTaint1981d ago

Can't wait.
Didn't have a decent rig when the original craze sparked. Happy to be able to play a more stable version now.
Day one for a few friends and I.

mopground1981d ago

they should really release alpha within the next month. people are starting to lose interest and prefer private hives and some are just going to wait for arma3 dayz