Gamers won't give up on AAA games despite DRM, Used sales and Always online

Gamers are likely to not stop buying AAA games regardless of any DRM, Used sales and always online issues.

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ElitaStorm1927d ago

iam a hamster not a sheep

dragonyght1927d ago

lol rly? what happen to X

ElitaStorm1927d ago

silly you, thinks i'am a playstation button

yesmynameissumo1927d ago

Gamers WILL give up on the console DRM, blocked used sales and always online.

xDHAV0K24x1927d ago

Was talking to a gameStop employee. he told me that you can sell your games all you have to do unsubscribe to the game before you sell it. When you first start playing you connect your account to that game and its yours when you wanna sell it you unsubscribe and you will be able to sell it back. sooooo how's it blocked? it's not conventional but it is possible.

yesmynameissumo1927d ago

The GameStop I was just at said they won't be accepting trade-ins at launch. No word when either. Microsoft really needs to step their communication up. They're making the PSN Breach communication looks like the best thing since sliced bread.

ricochetmg1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

If they both had DRM I would have switched to PC.

CrossingEden1927d ago

gamers will SAY that they will and then jizz their pants at the latest triple A exclusive for the console of their choice and completely defend it til death until it comes out only to either call it overrated a month later or constantly rage at anyone who thinks that any other game is better -_- because "gamers" are more whiny than teenage girls arguing about whether or not edward or jacob is hotter, only a matter of time before the "team ps4" shirts start showing up

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The story is too old to be commented.