“A Lot of” PS4 E3 Indie Games Could Come to PS Vita, There’s a “Huge Global Effort” to get Indies

After talking about the PS4 and Beyond: Two Souls, Scott Rohde shrunk things down on the LiveCast when Meredith Molinari changed up the subject to the PS Vita, with Rohde saying that he “can’t imagine going anywhere without my Vita.” - PSLS

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TrendyGamers2009d ago

Is it the only one you've ever known?

Badnik2009d ago

I don't think he knows where it goes...

3-4-52009d ago

Vita could be great for indie and smaller dev's to get there games on.

I can see Vita being awesome to own in 2-3 years once there are another 20-30 solid games for it.

Shinobi1002009d ago

I want a lot of original AAAs. I know, I know, those require a lot of resources, resources that are tied up in the next-gen consoles and mindless Ipad games. But still, one or two every couple months would be neat

GdaTyler2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I agree. Indie games are good for variety, are really fun and make the Vita library massive, but we do need big AAA games to stand out and bring more hardcore gamers to the vita. I expect Gamescom to have AAA vita games. Games like Killzone, Tearaway, COD etc were announced last year at that event. So expect some suprises at that event! :)

OmniSlashPT2009d ago

Tbh i prefer indie games like platformers, point&shoot and isometric shooters/hackn'slash than games like Killzone Mercenary or Uncharted. Eventhough I do like AAA titles, i found Vita to be an awesome place to play indie games. I bought Rayman and it looks gorgeous on that OLED screen...I still have to play Soundshapes and I'll definitely get LIMBO (again)! I cant wait for transistor and I bet it'll look great on Vita.

Shinobi1002009d ago

I think you're confusing indie and AAA titles. Indie games don't come out at retail 1st. So Rayman Origins and Sound Shapes, while they may not technically be AAA titles, are A or AA titles, not simple lil indies that you could find on the App store

6DEAD6END62009d ago

You should be able to just play all of them via remote play until you can buy them for the vita.

sherimae24132009d ago

ok then, so i expect transistor, outlast, daylight and more coming to vita in the future? im fine with that ^_^