End Of An Era

All good things must come to an end, even one of the best gaming generations to date. The seventh generation of consoles began when Microsoft released their Xbox 360 on November 22, 2005, the console sold out immediately. Nintendo decided to jump into the seventh generation September 14, 2006 and Sony finally followed suit on November 11, 2006. Thus began the eight year long console battle between the Big Three

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TheFallenAngel1807d ago

Thanks for the fun memories PS3 ever since 2006 with Fall of Man. PS4 here I come

Majin-vegeta1807d ago

This i agree.But my PS3 isnt going anywhere itll still see some gameplay from me just like my PS1 and PS2 do.

BigFnHooters1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )


The PS3 still has at least another five years of retail sales before it stops being sold. The PS2 had major AAA titles getting put out for it ten years into its retail sales life - years after both Nintendo and Microsoft had dropped support for their consoles.

The PS3 is around 80 million worldwide right now and it still hasn't dropped in price to 200 dollars. The PS2 sold some 80 million consoles after it hit the 200 dollar mark.

By the end of its shelf life the PS3 will easily end up in the 110-120 million installed base range and end up being the top selling console this gen.

darren_poolies1807d ago

Ummm the PS3 came in second this generation.

GentlemenRUs1807d ago

I think you might have been fooled by VGChartz again ;)

andrewer1807d ago

then see it here:
still, PS2 dominates everybody

kydrice1807d ago

The PS3 has outsold the 360, albeit, it took them 6 years.

stonecold31807d ago

plus the sony has the beyond 2 souls coming the puppeteer rain still coming out I do think sony will support ps3 for a good couple of years still once ps4 comes out im not sure about 36o thought pretty much the games that are coming out for 360 is multi plat likle gtav ff13xiii3 asc ?

chadwarden1807d ago

Bought the $600 PS3 fat...still running strong today

Akuma2K1807d ago

I still have my original launch $600 PS3 too, still going strong.

2pacalypsenow1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Mine crapped out back in 2009 fixed it 2 broke fixed it again then decided to just sell it and bought the Slim ... Damn i wish i had the fat PS3 Best Looking console Of all Time

green-cigarettes 1807d ago

Mine got YLOD for the second time so I'm gonna buy a slim now for GTA5, The last of us, Beyond two souls and then when the PS4 comes out ill get it too. Glad I have a job

CaulkSlap1807d ago

Well PS3 is sure going out with a bang then.

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