Do Want: The Division

Oh, Ubisoft, you’ve done it again! Just like E3 2012, you ended your conference with something that blew my mind. Every year at E3 I write about my “Do Want” title of the show, and once again this year I’m not at all disappointed with my choice. This was a tough one though, and while Infamous: Second Son was a close second, you can mark it down, it’s official, my Do Want of this year’s E3 is potentially the most intriguing game in the Tom Clancy series ever, or at the very least, the most ambitious. I speak of The Division.

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GentlemenRUs1981d ago

Hope this game does not attract any MTX which makes it into a P2W.

Other then that, This is a DAYONE for me ;)

Rhaigun1981d ago

Day one for me as well. The glass being shot out of the car windows is a nice touch.

Pintheshadows1981d ago

My favourite part is still the way the player gets into cover behind the NYC police car and as he moves along it, gently closes the door.

Wni01981d ago

god ubisoft is so bad.

kratos_TheGoat1981d ago

new york city!!! day 1 for me look beautiful!

Crazyglues1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Yeah New York never looked so good in a video game..

This one is going to be amazing... The article ask, "Do U Want: The Division?" -Do dogs eat Dog food - Hell yeah!

I want this -Day One- just looks simply amazing...

||.........___||............ ||

NatureOfLogic1981d ago

This is definitely one of my most wanted games.

MilkMan1981d ago

This and Destiny. YES! My PS4 will be burning!

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