Gamers Fear Xbox One Could Be ‘Future Of PRISM’ After NSA Revelations

Edward Snowden told the Washington Post last week that he leaked the National Security Agency’s top secret surveillance programs in part because he feared the Internet becoming “a TV that watches you.”

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GamersHeaven1984d ago

I will never purchase a Xbone for this main reason alone.

Kurylo3d1984d ago

going to have to agree with you there

LAZL0-Panaflex1984d ago

I wouldn't take one for free. If I was forced to put one in my house I would place a mirror in front of the camera.

sashimi1984d ago

Would that work? it has an infrared camera -_-

komp1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

If being spied upon comes as news to anyone then they are either naive or willfully ignorant.

It has been going on for years and has now only become conspiracy fact.

The CIA wants to spy on you through your dishwasher anyway.

TV That Watches You: 2 Tech Giants Are Patenting a Creepy Future

MrDead1984d ago

Charlie Brooker isn't a fan of Google glass have a listen of what he has to say, it's a scary future.

Google Rant 4:10 onward.

dcbronco1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

This type of thing is what people are talking about when they question the ability of gamers and why they look at them as failures. If you are so incredibly stupid that you think the government needs Microsoft or Kinect to spy on you you are a complete idiot. The US government already knows everything they need to know about you. They have been collecting information on you for years. The NSA has been tracking all phone calls, e-mails, faxes and Internet traffic for decades.

I would bet the NSA is loving all of this nonsense. It's just one more thing that keeps the public dumb. Not that it needed any help. The majority of the public is nothing but unchained slaves as it is and this Kinect nonsense is just one more tether. More people have degrees now than ever in history but it's so clear that people are dumber than ever.

The government doesn't really need to spy on you to control you, you are already controlled by every stupid mass belief that you fall for. They use things like racism. One group gets that stick up their a-- and buy into being superior. And then that stick gets used to guide you where ever they want you to go.

Use a little common sense. Look at the case with Edward Snowden. He is being sought for leaking classified information. But the information he leaked was spelled out in the Patriot Act. The government acknowledges that a section of the act makes what the NSA did legal. Anyone can go to the GPO(Government Printing Office)and buy a copy of the Patriot Act. It's open to the public. So if this is public, how could he have disclosed a secret. Every terrorist organization knows the US tracks phones, e-mail and faxes. So there couldn't have been any harm. Except to the people that didn't know they were being tracked. The American public. And that's because they ignored the Patriot Act.

You can't prosecute someone for releasing public knowledge. But you can persecute them for making the public more aware that their government doesn't respect their privacy. And anybody with a brain has to wonder why.

Kurylo3d1984d ago

at least they lied about it in the past. Now they are caught in that lie and claim theres nothing wrong with what there doing. Thats the part thats really wrong. We all know the government over steps its bounds.. but now the government is saying tough shit.

Mikelarry1984d ago

surprise surprise microsoft is involved.

jmc88881984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

The internet of things.

Lots of fights to be had on these issues, and it's finally time the fight is being taken up.

9/11 was a Saudi/British plan using our old clandestine terror partners 'Al-Qeada'. Who we still arm, train, and fund today....we send them to Syria. They have chemical weapons even and use them. Benghazi incident was a gun running operation to gather guns/rpg's and ship them to Syria. (so why have a DHS/TSA/take away all our rights and spy on us when the terror we supposedly are so terrified of, is someone we arm, fund, and train to this day?).

Why should anyone believe MS? They've had gov't backdoors in windows product since Windows 95. They've aligned with the NSA throughout the post 9/11 period.

The article is correct but incorrect. It is the future of PRISM (and the many other programs like Echeclon, Boundless Informant, and a slew of others)...but only one small part of that future.

Like the guy above me said, it's all about every appliance and device basically acting like a video/audio bug...which basically gives you complete coverage over a society. It also gives them the ability to control your know so the next time Enron scams California into rolling blackouts just to make a quick buck, they play that game longer by turning off people's appliances...especially via the smart meter.

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KillrateOmega1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

You know what I love? An expensive, gimmicky device that stares me in the face while I game and records my facial expressions and body, voice, heartbeat, etc. and then uploads it to a server somewhere. It's awesome.

I even heard that they plan to use the info in order to stuff 'more accurate' ads into our faces. Sweet!


BattleAxe1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

And you know what would be an awesome idea along with everything you just said, would be if they used the eye tracking capabilities of Kinect for TV commercials, where if you are not watching TV, the commercial have to know that they are thinking about this idea. Samsung has this technology in the Galaxy S4....pretty scary stuff.

Why o why1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

They'll recruit soldier drone pilots using this method whilst you play cod. They'll monitor who's calm under pressure.

M eye five hired that guy that was found dead in a zippep up bag in a bath from monitoring his strategic nous online on some kind of pc strategy game apparently. Seems mega far fetched but the guy was way too young. Ironically the same guy developed a snooping program that could trace who was speaking by voice over the airways from small planes. They tried to assassinate his character after his peculiar death by saying he was into lewd acts and he put himself in the bag....course judy dee, course lol

Rainstorm811984d ago

Yep now we got 001 spying on us....God Bless America

CrossingEden1984d ago

I wonder why no one acknowledges the fact THAT THE ****ING CAMERA CAN BE TURNED OFF

lucaskeller11984d ago

because it's always listening so technically it can't be completely off, it's always active listening (for a "command") pshh yeah whatver how about command my ass

AutoCad1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

lol bc they dont want to hear it.
They are all sheeps influenced by the media.
oh the irony.if its listening to you and you are that scared this is some sort of conspiracy,you know you can unplug the power right?

Dee_911984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

The media is reporting on what the consumers are saying.No media outlet has came out and said the Kinect can spy on you.Before you try to play that media controlling us card at least try to know why and how that originated.
Not mention the complete irony in your statement.As far I know, thinking people "are all sheeps influenced by the media" is considered an conspiracy theory.So how can you say dont believe the media then say the kinect spying on us is a just a silly conspiracy?

pompombrum1984d ago

Because it's not "off" it's "paused" and when the Xbone is off, it's still listening for the "Xbox On" command so it's still technically ON.

CrossingEden1984d ago

so? they aren't listening for terrorists, pretty sure they aren't always listening -_-

komp1984d ago

I suggest you look up R.A.T.S as you can turn on peoples cameras remotely quite easily on a PC.....

You cannot rule that out can you on the xbox? What happens when Kinect is not plugged in?

Turning it off at the power is the only guaranteed way to eliminate this argument.

What happens when you cover the kinect with a shoe?

You get the ERROR:1984 code

MasterCornholio1984d ago

What I don't understand is why you can't just unplug it. You don't really need a camera to operate a console in the first place.

Motorola RAZR i

jmc88881984d ago

You don't need online checks either. You don't need to block used games.

That's part of the whole thing...MS inventing limitations, and just pretending like all this stuff is necessary.

T21984d ago

who cares if it can be turned off.. the concern is what it can or can't do or be done with it when it is on... and if it can always "listen" for "on" commands, who says it can't listen for "allah" or "bomb" or "guns"....
I'm not a paranoid person, but I am not mindless either. In any event, I am not paying extra for a stupid webcam on my console. 499? F off kinect.

lucaskeller11984d ago

Yea cause the taliban made a deal with microsoft to spy on gamers...

T21984d ago

I hope that comment was intentionally stupid, because did you stop and think why the taliban would be monitoring words they use every single day? Those words are words searched for by the NSA ... If you send an email, phone call, text, with a combination of those words, it will be flagged.... those are the point of programs like PRISM... anyway the point isn't what the kinect can do, or not do, the point was I don't want it.

GribbleGrunger1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

If it's off, how can you tell it to turn on? Think about that before you answer. And even if you could completely turn it off, why the hell would you want to pay another $100 just to do that?!

RiPPn1984d ago

So Microsoft says it can be turned off.. but then they say you can't disconnect it.. the same company saying this was just named as the first partner in a program that stomps all over private citizen privacy.. I tend to be a little skeptical, call me crazy.

KwietStorm1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

You mean that camera that can be disabled but not disconnected? How in the bloody hell do you explain that one? What possible reason could you tell me as to why it HAS to be connected for the console to operate, even if it's "off?"

M-M1984d ago


It can't be, because it's listening for a command at all times. When it's listening for a command, it's also >listening to your conversation< and searching for that command to see if it wants to be turned on.

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