The Daily Show Takes a Shot at Microsoft and Xbox One

Last night’s edition of Comedy Central’s fake news program had cranky commentator Lewis Black ranting about new and upcoming technology. Along with Google Glass, Black takes aim at the Xbox One and its always-watching/listening Kinect camera. It’s pretty funny stuff. (Except that Black doesn’t mention that you’ll have a bit of control over what the upgraded Kinect is able to do.)

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blackbeld2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Lol indeed. :)

M$oft is doomed.

inveni02006d ago

When I read 1984 for the first time in high school about 15-20 years ago, I found it utterly fascinating. Those little monitors in homes that would make sure people weren't doing anything anti-government. The thought police. What a world.

I never imagined that my kids may have to grow up in a world where those things are a reality.

Long Live Sony

Narutone662006d ago

That's exactly the scenario of the Infamous:Second Son.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2006d ago

lol germans are awsome!!

This made xbox look so bad! Nice...

Godmars2902007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

S***, officially meet fan.

Don't let me down, largely ignorant and oblivious consumers.



s8anicslayer2007d ago

Microsoft is the real world Skynet, keep the TXbone-1000 out of your living room!

StoutBEER2006d ago

Im buyin the Xbox, let the hate begin!

Denethor_II2006d ago

I was next to a guy in GAME today who was pre ordering X1 for his son. After talking about the console he asked 'how much' the employee said £429, through his teeth. The look of shock, almost like a fight or flight response, on his face said it all to me. Needless to say he choose not to pre purchase it.

So maybe all the sales from parents to thier children, who can't even dress themselves let alone make informed decisions won't happen.

SpiralTear2007d ago

Lewis Black summed up majority opinion of Kinect for Xbox One perfectly. Brilliant comedian.

Godmars2902007d ago

And then they mentioned the beer bot...

dcbronco2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Majority of the idiot opinion. Unless by majority opinion you mean you'd like a beer right now.

pompombrum2007d ago

I wonder how much the current controversy surrounding the NSA will effect the Xbone and Kinect? I mean they can say "well you can "pause it" and when it's off it's only listening for "Xbox on" command but lets be honest, Kinect has so much potential to be abused and is a time bomb just waiting to be fiddled with and exploited by some smart hackers.

Parapraxis2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Yeah, i don't know if this is just due to XBOX supports general lack of knowledge, but it looks like you might even need kinect to turn the Xbone on.

BTW, that was just support being crap, it has a physical switch lol.

pompombrum2007d ago

Wow just wow, I hope that's a fake account trolling.

WeAreLegion2007d ago

That's the real account. It gets roll-over when the first Xbox Support account gets full.

dcbronco2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Anyone worried about MS and think Kinect is anything like what the NSA does or is doing is so dumb they should just stop breathing. If you're really that dumb, your entire life will be a waste and that air could be better used by someone needing oxygen for their brain cells. You obviously have a complete lack of said cells. MS wants to sell products, not overthrow governments. If you can see that, or liking PS makes you believe otherwise, again, please stop breathing now. No more air.

pompombrum2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

dcbronco - Go home, you're young, oblivious and stupid.

dcbronco2007d ago


You are one of the worse trolls on this site. You've never posted anything but the thoughts of a moronic fanboy. Not once have you ever shown the character to make a fair statement. I wouldn't call it childish because children are usually that ignorant. Develop some character and learn to acknowledge the truth troll.

Garbanjo0012006d ago


Let me run something by you . . .

How dumb is it, that most Americans spend more time playing video games than worrying about politics? Oh, you worry about politics in COD or Splinter Cell? Ok then . . .

YOU stop breathing air. We are all wasting time by playing video games. Your comment is unnecessary, and stupid. Therefore I bubble you down good sir, for having the lack of judgement to sensor yourself, you're obviously a communist. Go to bed.

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Confickercrash2007d ago

Exactly, also if it's 'off but listening for commands', it's still ON. MS would have eased all of our minds if the unit was able to be manually UNPLUGGED instead of on standby.

NateCole2007d ago

Before NSA spy scandal mass consumers wouldnt care but now it has become a big issue.

Been on yahoo and the major social medias and many people are worried about this.

No question it will affect sales from mass conumers.

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