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Nintendo: Our ‘powerhouse’ franchises will ignite holiday sales

Nintendo isn't fazed by disappointing sales of its Wii U system, and expects a sharp rebound for the holidays. (E3, Wii U)

Moonman  +   812d ago
Nintendo always builds like this. The only system they released to fast sales was the Wii or some of their handhelds. Watch and learn.
_QQ_  +   812d ago
Its obvious that Nintendo's plans right now are to sell hardware,just look at the games they are releaseing, almost all of their predecessors previously reached 10 million, the 3D land picked up 3DS sales so they are probably hoping 3D world does the same for wiiu, I love all variety of games so other than a bit of disapointment i have no problems with EAD tokyo's Mario World or DK tropical freeze because i know those games will be amazing either way but also Nintendo needs those to sell systems.
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