Xbox One Pre-Orders Back on Amazon, Including Day One Edition

DailyGame: "After an initial flurry of Xbox One pre-orders that pushed to be sold out, the online retailer has a new batch of Xbox One hardware available for pre-order now, including the special Xbox One Day One Edition."

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Moonman1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

So what? Getting outsold big time. Even the standard edition xbone is out the top 20 on amazon (US) while PS4 is #1 (launch) and #3 (standard).

StinkiWan1950d ago

It's interesting that they suddenly got a new allotment and re-opened the pre-orders, though. Do you suppose the "sold out" announcement earlier in the week was a marketing tactic by MS?

Moonman1950d ago

Yup. The launch PS4 while #1 on amazon (USA) is sold out. Do you hear Sony beating their chest? And the xbox launch one is available but still not enough to take the PS4 out of But this type of thing is happening everywhere. The rumors are 4:1 at retailers like gamestop. ;p

JoySticksFTW1950d ago

Probably many cancelled their Xbone preorder after seeing PS4's e3 presser

CrossingEden1950d ago

so why is it always about who's in first with you people -_- seriously grow up

Moonman1950d ago

At this point, I don't care about the feelings of M$ or their fans. Frankly, I just don't give a damn. ;p

CrossingEden1950d ago

then stop coming to every single article about xbox one -_- period

Number-Nine1950d ago

cant wait for the launch achievement!

heh heh heh

StinkiWan1950d ago

Yeah, the launch Achievement cracked me up. The sad part, though, is that you just KNOW there are going to be people who buy it just for the exclusive Achievement. :-)

Mikelarry1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

back my question is why. i mean 17,000 to 989 just let it die like the kin and kin mobile that ms said was going to revolutionise the mobile world.

edit wait a minute that is the same catchphrase they used with the one revolutionise the gaming world

Transporter471950d ago

day one edition mmm does that mean they cancel their pre orders? lol

AutoCad1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Nice to see people see the potential and not influenced by the media.At the end of the day dont tell someone how to spend their own hard working money on something.

OSIRUSSS1950d ago

You know what they say about fools and money?

TKCMuzzer1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Potential is one thing, getting there is another. Microsoft could have easily stuck with current gen tactics and slowly bought in DRM and the used games strategy through the life of the cycle, it would have only been a firmware update. They could have even give it a couple of years then trial run it to get people used to it but no then went full steam a head and forced these changes. Plus there are many so called gamers who are ignoring Microsoft's arrogance through this entire situation and their lack of professionalism in answering simple questions.(don't like always on, stick with 360, WTF attitude is that to your fanbase)
There is also a bit of irony in your comment because in a way Microsoft are forcing you how to spend your hard working money, when it comes to the disc games you purchase, they are limiting your options, they are saying what you can and can't do.
You can be a supporter of something which is a good thing but to be blind to where the future of that something is going is another thing. You see potential in the Xbox one, I to see potential, the potential for Microsoft to have control on how I play my games, that is something I want to decide for myself, it's called freedom of choice and it's the one thing we should never give up the right to.

Muerte24941950d ago

of the day don't tell someone how to spend their own hard working money on something"...

are you serious? This is exactly what Microsoft is telling their consumers. Hey you need to go through all these hoops to play your games. You may only give your game to your friend and you can never get it back. You can only trade it in at Gamestop and Best Buy. You can ONLY go up to 24hrs without checking in online or gaming (single player included) will cease to function. IF you're at a friend's house then you have to check in every hour.

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