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Best Buy E3 Experience events being ambushed by Microsoft in order to push Xbox One?

Wow, this is some pretty crazy stuff. Microsoft is certainly in damage control mode with Xbox One right now. They're trying to sway people back in their direction. Apparently, one of the ways they're trying to do so is by hitting up Nintendo's Best Buy E3 Experience Event. (Wii U, Xbox One)

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Majin-vegeta  +   308d ago
Desperation at it's best and it just keep getting's better xD.
Why o why  +   308d ago
They've done things like this before

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shoddy  +   307d ago
That low class attitude.

Sometime rich people can have no class at all.

Dinald Trump is one of them
egidem  +   307d ago
Microsoft didn't see this sh*t coming? They were arrogant enough to "lead" next gen into a new "era" by trying to change things that customers and gamers take for granted. What did they expect gamers to do in return? Roll over??

I think they made a wrong estimation to consider gamers as a niche small crowd out there compared to the mass casuals. They were wrong to consider that gamers wouldn't make a dent in their armor, and now the sh*t has hit the fan.

It's just sad now. The Xbox isn't even out yet. But from the moment it was announced, it's been downhill from then. Worst part is Microsoft is absolutely adamant about its crazy decisions.

...and now this. Very low.
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knockknockannefrank  +   307d ago
the guy in the photo doesn't look like the kind of person i would get credible information from anyway. he looks lost like he can't find the xbox one...just listen for the crickets and you'll find it
thechosenone  +   306d ago
Things are apparently a lot worse over there at Redmond.
dedicatedtogamers  +   308d ago
I was at the Nintendo event yesterday and this didn't happen. It was just a ton of really excited Nintendo fans drooling over Wind Waker HD.

I'm not saying it isn't happening, but I'd like to see more reports on how prevalent this is. It could just be a rogue MS employee playing resident fanboy.
manaxknight1  +   308d ago
same here. if anything everyone at the bb i went to was bashing the microsuck xbone1 so i think even if microsuck was there, they prolly would've been told to get lost
rainslacker  +   307d ago
Could be just some guy in a MS shirt. Seriously if MS was going to go and do something like that, why be so overt about it?

Or maybe it was an honest question, and they wonder why people would want a Wii U over a X1...maybe it was market research for them trying to figure out why people are so upset?
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Heisenburger  +   308d ago
Their level *of desperation....

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ajax17  +   307d ago
The damage is done; they're too late. XboxDONE
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NatureOfLogic  +   308d ago
Wow, really hope this is not true. It only gets worse for MS.
Powerhousek  +   308d ago
Absolutely true. I was at the North Olmstead, OH Best Buy last night for the Nintendo event and I can confirm the MS Rep was there.

It was really funny, a few guys in line were talking about the Xbox One and ripping on it, and he came up behind them trying to defend it.
He kept walking up to the front of the line and asking the Nintendo Rep questions. The Nintendo rep would not tell us what he was asking but said if he answered he could have been fired based on the questions being asked.

Just pathetic.

P.S>For anyone going to the Nintendo Best Buy event on Saturday. The Nintendo Rep advised he they have permission based on demand to extend the hours until 8PM on Saturday.
Benjaminkno  +   307d ago
Yeah the EXtortionBox reveal is bad enough.
dboyc310  +   308d ago
Play nice Microsoft! Lol
Godmars290  +   308d ago
MS just earned an offical "Screw You!" from me.
How dare they shove themselves into another company's promotion after screwing up their own so badly and repeatedly.
Brasi1989  +   307d ago
I just told them I already have a Cable Box.
Ben Dover  +   308d ago
I bet that person on the picture is Foxgod!
Shadow Flare  +   308d ago
And it looks like Microsoft pay him in donuts

He's clearly worked hard
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Fairchild Channel F  +   308d ago
Qrphe  +   307d ago
"What are you doing at Best Buy?"
"Nothing, just shilling"
ZeekQuattro  +   307d ago
I see what you did there. Nice. lmao
Mikelarry  +   308d ago
everything microsoft does is always dirty business. they have no shame and when they are caught out they try and push the blame on someone else. the last microsoft item i will own is my laptop and 360 no more will i be consumer of any of thier products
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Godmars290  +   308d ago
That you know of. Given that as a company that would like nothing better than have a monopoly, they have many holdings.

Like the net code they privatized which cause Netscape to fall apart. Or the security codec which supposedly was really behind the HD-DVD/Blu-ray disc format war.
2pacalypsenow  +   308d ago
Wouldn't be the first time remember when they crashed the PS3 release with that tugboat that had a huge XBox360 logo in it?

And Some articles are saying sony shouldn't have mocked MS with the online stuff ha!
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lucaskeller1  +   308d ago
I don't understand? They brought this upon themselves now they want to bring others down? Bitter much..
Puppy_Farts  +   308d ago
That's a little trashy.
jonboi24  +   308d ago
True, I saw an MS PR hanging around my local Best Buy. He approached me while I splay some of the demos and started talking about the XB1. Asked my why I would think about getting a Wii-U when XB1 was coming out soon. I straight up told him it that the Wii-U doesn't have DRM and told him that I just pre-ordered my PS4. So dude walked away quietly to some other guy. Felt kinda happy about that.
Mikelarry  +   308d ago
high five
manaxknight1  +   308d ago
lmao take that microsuck
ShaunCameron  +   307d ago
Good answer.
rainslacker  +   307d ago
I kinda want to go to my best buy and wear my halo shirt, and take an hour of his time acting like I'm undecided. Then after that just say, yeah I'm not getting that, I heard it has too many restrictions, then log on to amazon on my windows phone in front of him and pre-order a PS4.

On-Topic: I question this form of promotion. I would imagine people playing a Wii U during this time in a Best Buy either have or want a Wii U, and are more likely aware of what's going on with MS.

I also wonder why a Best Buy would allow a MS representative to do that to their customers...for the time being, Best Buy can sell Wii U's, but it'll be 5 months before they can sell the X1. It'd be like me going in there and telling them they can get something better down the road...I'm sure I'd be asked to leave.
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manaxknight1  +   307d ago
i think ms win 8 hq is bb..
PostMesmeric  +   308d ago
Wow. Talk about guerrilla PR.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   308d ago
Lol Quick! MS is moving to Best Buy now!
Moonman  +   308d ago
STAY AWAY XBONE!!!!!!! Nobody wants you around! :)
Vip3r  +   308d ago
Like the titanic but with more sinking.
Fairchild Channel F  +   308d ago
More like the Titanic hitting the iceberg, circling around and aiming for it again...

and again...

and again....
jmc8888  +   307d ago
At least the Titanic saw the iceberg and tried to maneuver around it.

If Don Mattrick was its captain they just would of plunged headlong into it and still not know what the hell happened.
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Eyesoffiction  +   308d ago
Go away, you done fucked up now stop trying to fix it :P
Nevers0ft  +   308d ago
I don't believe it. This is totally unprecedented, Microsoft would NEVER act like a bunch of douches like that*

*Unless the day ended in a "Y"
GraveLord  +   308d ago
Seems pretty desperate if true....
defyenz  +   308d ago
Nothing personal, just business :D
GamersHeaven  +   308d ago
This is getting ridiculous I never seen such a fail of a console in all my years of gaming.
cell989  +   308d ago
someone stop feeding that guy donuts
AKR  +   307d ago
So first you reveal a game console - but talk about the un-important TV features.

Then you get blown up with reports that your new "game" console seems to be shooing away gamers more than trying to bring them in with DRM, 24-hour mandatory online check-in, and banning used-games.

Then you announce that your system will cost $500 just because you decided to make Kinect mandatory...

Then when you do show the games - the reality still shows that in order to play those games, you're going to have to go through roadblock after roadblock after roadblock.

. . . Then you have the gall to show up at another company's event to try and sell your ill-fated system to ignorant ones?

Microsoft: I just lost even more respect for you. You might as well have sent your PR out to say: "If you want to play XBOX - please stick with the 360"...Trust me, it would have worked better in your case. =|
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Felonycarclub8  +   307d ago
Oh men I would love to be in a best buy when of them is there to let him have it.
MegaLagann  +   307d ago
Well I went to the event yesterday. If it was true, no one noticed. Probably because we had games to play instead of looking at a cable box.
jmc8888  +   307d ago
If true....

Someone should answer....well it's just about as powerful as an Xbox One...I can buy it now...it doesn't cost $499....I can play used games....I don't need an internet to play my games....and there is no kinect 2 that will spy on me and send that info to the NSA.

The real question....is there a reason someone should wait for the xbox one?

Again, it's not powerful...it's extremely overpriced...and all the spying and restrictions just limit people.

Why would I want to pay more for something not much better, and when if I wanted something even better than an xbox one I can get a PS4 for cheaper...meanwhile if I want to fuck myself I'll buy a dildo and shove it up my ass.
animegamingnerd  +   307d ago
desperate that is all i need to say
SpinalRemains  +   307d ago
That's free enterprise for ya.

While truly disgusting, its far from strange.
Rockstar  +   307d ago

I know this console war is just getting started again and I'm giddy like a little kid!

I love it!
mydyingparadiselost  +   307d ago
Wow, your product must be awful if your desperate enough to try and con potential Wii U owners purchasers into buying it, especially since the Wii U does things like BC and offline play.
r21  +   307d ago
All those MS workers are going to have such a tough time :C
pinzir  +   307d ago
Yesterday I was at a best buy store, and a guy was walking around. And He seen me and a group of friends. He came up all casual, and asked if we are excited about the Xbox one and are we going to buy it, then we said no. He asked why, and my friends said stuff like DRM, online, and such... All I had to say was " Does Xbox have Pokemon?" And just walked away.

Felt Like walking away from an explosion..
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