Unu: New Console Unveiled at E3

Sunflex USA wants to bridge the gap between tablet and gaming console with the Unu

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TheEvilWithin2006d ago

They already have... its called the Wii U!

UNGR2006d ago

Boy if I missed it I don't think this thing is going to hit the road, let alone make progress. I like new things, but it seems people can't market them right anymore. Microsoft does decent marketing and they do the perfect amount to make it effective. Sony does phenomenal marketing but doesn't do hardly enough of it. This seems like it's getting the no marketing and no effort treatment.

mydyingparadiselost2006d ago

Feels like the 90's again in a way, except instead of stupid expensive consoles (CD-I,3DO) with little or no support now it's smaller less expensive consoles with a bunch of cheap games. I bet they all end up the same as the those expensive consoles though, I haven't seen any company give a compelling argument as to why I need or want tablet games on my TV.