The big question: Who won E3?

The biggest question that always comes out about E3 is “Who stole the show?” While it’s fun to discuss this with your buddies over XBL, PSN, or over a beer, the debate always gets fairly heated. It’s a very large scale, open-ended question that sometimes results in confused opinions and hate-laced rants. Millions of gamers watched the broadcasted conferences, demo streams, and interviews, but a vast majority of gamers rely on answering that big question. While it is very opinion-based, one thing is certain, a report based on who exactly won E3 can lead to larger sways in sales from mob mentality.

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FrigidDARKNESS1984d ago

From different perpevtives. I would say MS won on the games. Sony won on hardware announcements.

darthv721984d ago

it would be the gamers. There were so many games that looked appealing to so many different types of gamers.

It shouldnt be about them (companies/platforms) it should be about us (gamers).

elhebbo161984d ago

yes because killer instincts and sunset overdrive look soooo good.

JohnS13131984d ago

I think Sony won on the games too. Microsoft doesn't have that much the PS4 won't also have.

Hicken1984d ago

No need for "different perspectives."

Sony won. End of.

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pr0t0typeknuckles1984d ago

to me no one,everybodys conference was okay this year,sony showed alot of games but we hardly got to see gameplay of infamous,knack,and drive club although they dropped bombs that was for hardware only,microsoft did bring games but some of them looked pretty meh,and they were shooters,and nintendo only had 3 games i could care for smash bros,project x,and bayonetta,and retros donkey kong will be good but it was underwhelming wheres metroid.

WolfOfDarkness1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

As I Predicted before the show , and I am so glad my predictions 90% was right , Microsoft had a good number of IPs , No question about it , BUT Sony Won Most XBOX Customers , there is LOT of GAMERs shifted to PS4 know why .

But , as I predicted , Sony Won E3 . In Many ways .

I have a question to ask ... Why Microsoft Did NOT show Xbox One Tech Demos on E3 ? Just think about it , why they Did not show any Tech Demos on the 21/5/2013 ?

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