Microsoft’s Xbox chief doesn’t know about life aboard a submarine — so we asked someone who does

LOS ANGELES — Don Mattrick doesn’t even know what it means to be on a nuclear submarine.
What do submarines have to do with consoles such as the Xbox One?

Now, I don’t have the resources of Microsoft, but I was able to contact a U.S. Navy sailor to actually find out what it’s like to live at sea for months at a time and what the Xbox One’s daily online check-in requirement will mean for his downtime. The serviceman asked to remain anonymous.

“Nothing should only be playable over the Internet,” the submariner told me. “We work all the time. Now, I work harder than most, but I check e-mail once a week and play games every few days. Mostly it’s Call of Duty or other shooters — which is hilarious to me — or sport games so that four people can play at once. But if you get lucky, you can play a campaign-based game. I like long open-world games that you...

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avengers19782010d ago

He apparently doesn't know what gamers want either.
thank you to all the service men/women

Shad0wRunner2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

God, I cant stand this guy.

I hope after this gen, Microsoft calls it quits on consoles. They clearly have NO CLUE what gamers want or need from a gaming console...and to top it off, they dont care.

This is the REAL, biggest difference between Sony and Microsoft. Sony listens to its audience, the gamers. Yeah, you gotta pay for Plus if you wanna play multiplayer games...but if that is the ONLY thing people whine about, then it's really not that bad. It's still better than XBL, by MILES! LOL

SilentNegotiator2010d ago

Microsoft has proven that they have no idea what PC users want either.

What DOES Microsoft do well these days, other than use money to maintain a near monopoly and advertise?

Volitiel2010d ago

Well, he better learn fast judging from the collective popularity of the Xbox One, Windows 8, and the Surface tablet, cause Microsoft lately seems like a massive ship taking on too much water.