Sony Releasing PS4 In UK And US First Due To “Competitive Pressures”

thesixthaxis writes:

"Sony Computer Entertainment’s President and CEO Andrew House has admitted that the company is releasing the PlayStation 4 in western markets first due to what he called “competitive pressures”, presumably referring to the November release of the Xbox One in the same territories."

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Majin-vegeta1983d ago

I'm sure all the UK people will be happy about this.

hakis861982d ago

OMG, What about other western countires, like Norway????!!!

I want it now :( <3

millgate11982d ago

@hakis, I'd say when they say the UK and US, they mean Europe and North America. The PS3 was released on the same day for most of Europe, including Norway. As was the PS2. We can only hope I guess.

1983d ago
Megatron3161983d ago

please november, make my day come on!!!!

ChozenWoan1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Knowing gaming history, MS will likely release the XBone the 1st week of November. Sony will therefore release the PS4 at least a week before that to a month ahead depending on the supply available to meet their launch pre-order numbers. So October is going to be a great month for Western Gamers.

It is surprising how the tables have turned considering Japan used to get everything 6-12 months before everyone else.

Garbanjo0011983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

5 months left man. I was waiting for this new age of gaming, I don't know what's next after this gen, this level of graphics is pretty f**king fantastic.

CLOUD19831983d ago

@ChozenWoan Japanese ppl r happy as long they have their 3DS & PSP they don't care so much for consoles as the rest of the world anyway, so that's a smart move from SONY releasing first in EU/US as we don't care as much for handhelds & want our shiny new consoles ASAP to plug them on our shiny +++inch HD screens & start burn our selves with our new SUPER-HD gorgeous games :P

T21982d ago

@chozenw - good point since MS has basically conceded japan, it's a good strategy to flood North America while the going is good.

1Victor1982d ago

How About October 31 For The LOL

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stuntman_mike1983d ago

oh rather, what-what!! jollygood show my man.

Dynasty20211983d ago

Actually, we Brits prefer the more realistic approach of:

"Izzz gonna be sick ya 'ear me bruv, innit, brrrrap-brrrap. Big-up duh PS4 ma-siiiiv boooyyyyeeee."

P.S. the normal Brits don't talk like that, but we seem to be exporting music with a lot of people that DO talk like that.

stuntman_mike1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I,m english from england, so you british can speak how you like innit lol.

TheTwelve1983d ago

US and UK were also the only places where 360 was ahead of PS3 last gen.

"Competitive pressures" indeed..., but Sony is about to take those territories back.


indysurfn1983d ago

perfectly said! My exact thoughts, Sony is going for a territory sweep. Instead of them having to worry about Microsoft making inroads in Sony lead territories, they are aggressively attacking territories that Microsoft lead in. Unless Microsoft changes their policies by launch they will lose lots of loyal but not blindly loyal fans. Hopefully xboxfans will not be fooled by a company that is dead set on attacking their ownership rights. Im not. Taking aim at me and shooting and shooting, and realizing they will run out of ammo does not mean I'm going to just say oh well I got away let me back in that situation again. Nope I'm no fool, next time I'm coming back with a gun, and a scope. Fugk Microsoft!

SpinalRemains1983d ago

Easy, indysurfn.

The NSA and god knows who else is scrutinizing your words. I'm pretty sure that 'scope and ammo' and possibly 'fck you!' all send up red flags.

J/k of course.
But no really, they might

Garbanjo0011983d ago

Couldn't agree more. It's going to b nice watching the tables turn, and I didn't even get a PS3. I have an xbox (well 4 if you count how many times I had to send it back and even with this one the disk drive doesn't even work half the time.

ajax171983d ago

It's too bad there can't just be a global release date.

nnodley1983d ago

Has any console had a global release?

Narutone661983d ago

At least you can import it to your country and it will still work. It doesn't have region lock and hopefully, it's not sold out.

Garbanjo0011983d ago

My issue with PS4 rests on MS shoulders. I am getting a PS4, and can't pre-order right now (financial trouble with the girlfriend). With MS f**king things up, you know how many PS4's are going to fly off of shelves? Millions upon millions worldwide. The demand could be very VERY high.

indysurfn1983d ago

good point ajax17 once again proving that Microsoft has done more to sell PS4 and Wiiu more than Sony or Nintendo could possibly do!!!

Dang Microsoft even when you help your enemy you miss up!!! ROFL!

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TheLyonKing1983d ago

Mate you have nae idea how good that news is

Smoey1983d ago

I am :)! We normally get shafted.

Adityac1983d ago

Yes but we have to pay an extra 90 facking pounds, WTF!

Kran1983d ago

Of course. I was super annoyed when the Vita wouldn't come out until a week after US (that is, first edition I mean)

lilbrat231983d ago

I wish they would have given a release date. Gamestop stated Nov. 19th but not sure how accurate that is. I wish it would be end of Oct. :-D

NumOnePS3FanBoy1983d ago

Yep my feelings exactly. UK and Europe market are very important for them to not play them off as not being as important as NA or Asia

NobodyImportant1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )


We are indeed, my good fellow.

vigilante_man1983d ago

Yes we are. November is a great time to have a BIRTHDAY - Lucky Me!!

Tultras1983d ago

They definitely have massive pressure, They can't take their opponent Nintendo lightly.

Acquiescence1982d ago

Oh who am I kidding - I'M ECSTATIC!!!

It's June and I already know what I want for Christmas.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1982d ago

LMAO, Sony now knows that Japan doesn't matter either! Good for them. It's all about the USA and UK if you want your stuff to be popular.

Majin-vegeta1982d ago

Wrong,Sony knows their console will sell in Jappan no matter what.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1982d ago

Japan is Nintendoland. Sony can't beat Nintendo in Japan. But Sony can beat Nintendo in USA and UK easier that japan.

Kurt Russell1982d ago

The sooner the better! (And the sooner I can sit still again)

Merrill1982d ago

They're releasing in North America & UK, not the US & UK. CANADA IS NOT THE US!!!

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2pacalypsenow1983d ago

“allow for an aggressive cost-down strategy” !! that means earlier Price drops that would be great imagine a $299 Ps4 in 2015

angelsx1983d ago

dosen't worth it to wait 2-3 years for $100 less.

ChozenWoan1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

More likely it will be a $50 discount around E3 2015 or at the latest fall 2015, and every 18 months there after we'll see a $50 discount.

Yes you heard it hear first. lol

HammadTheBeast1983d ago

Yeah.... that's not happening.

The tech behind the PS4 costs them about $300 to make (maybe less depending on what AMD charges in bulk now) so unless they make a slim or parts drastically get cheaper, the price will be around $350 around that time.

Actually I might be wrong $300 is a possibility.

Garbanjo0011983d ago

To be honest I don't care paying 399 indefinitely, cause they deserve it. That is a CHEAP nextgen console, competing with a console that is 100 more, AND offering the benefits of being on PS+ (free games) is amazing . . . especially considering that PS3 is 299. That's unbelievable, of course I'm getting a PS4 instead of a PS3.

indysurfn1983d ago

Not to mention that when this generation (ps4/xbone) ends your console cant be permantly turned off by Microsoft by saying, we see no reason to pay for 300,000 servers. We will turn them off! Good luck playing for your FINAL 24 hours. We are FORCING you into the next generation!!! you have no working console now!!!

1982d ago
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Moonman1983d ago

Sony is just simply on point these days. :)

Shadow Flare1983d ago

Never has one company done everything so right and the other done everything so wrong before

TotalHitman1983d ago

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. - Winston Churchill.

God bless Sony!

tigertron1983d ago


A competitive price AND not neglecting the UK/Europe for other territories.

lucidity1983d ago

Sucks for people not in those territories. Would be nice if launches could be truly global.

krontaar1983d ago

Luckily PS4 is region free, so importing is an option.

DJMarty1983d ago

Not really, PS4 warranty will be invalid, ok for games thou

tarbis1983d ago

Not invalid. You'll have to send the hardware back from where you bought it and that's a bitch.

badz1491983d ago

I live in Malaysia where everything regarding gaming will come VERY VERY LATE!

PSN was only made available for Malaysia in 2010/11 if I recall that one right but I've been on PSN Australia since 2007 even Singapore got it before us. however, PS3 has been sold in my country since launch in US and Japan via unofficial game stores. they import all these products to sell it early in countries like mine but of course for a bit higher price.

the thing is, these unofficial store provide warranty of their own, they call it as Store Warranty which range between 6 mth to a year because obviously manufacturer warranty is void outside the supported country. I prefer this although I never have any problem requiring me to use it before but still, it's a good initiative. have no problem with games before because Malaysia is Region 3 and I don't have to wait for it to come officially as these stores are doing the importing for us.

that was how I got my Vita in December 2011, the same week as Japan's launch while US gamers still had to wait. being region free helps too. I initially use my AUS account but have since moved back to my local account 6 months after I bought it when the Vita section of my local PSN started. if not for region free console, all these would be rendered impossible and I have to wait for it come locally if ever.

monkey nuts1983d ago

You have to be joking. The UK is practically the Capitol of Europe. Everyone and their dog want in, that is if their not already here. Free housing, free money, free health care and that's just for immigrants. Bitter me? Naaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

Garbanjo0011983d ago

That's an expensive proposition. I hope that MS fans boycott XBO because of their policies, have you guys seen the spreadsheet that shows all the requirements for XBO???? It's outrageous!