COMMENT: Don't Underestimate Xbox One writes: "Sony won E3.

Whatever that means. See, despite their emphatic commitment to indie games, a fantastic price, powerful hardware and some very promising launch window games, much of their impact simply came from being the last press conference of the day. The Microsoft presser seemed like a distant memory; a thousand cold black coffees and energy drinks ago, almost forgotten as the PS4's £349 price point made everyone upstanding.

In the cold light of day, however, it's clear that we shouldn't count out the Redmond heavyweight just yet. Though Sony crushed Microsoft on that fateful evening, Xbox One still has plenty of tricks up its sleeve... and I do so love playing devil's advocate."

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dedicatedtogamers2009d ago

"Don't Underestimate Xbox One"

As an adult, I never underestimate the power of stupidity. I also don't underestimate the power of customer outrage (take a hint, Microsoft)

NatureOfLogic2009d ago

Like Moonman said below, Don't underestimate consumers or gamers, which MS clearly has.

AngelicIceDiamond2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

The games that MS showed is putting me on the fence of the console.

My long term goal is to get both. But at the moment I'm leaning towards PS4 just because you can simply game offline.

Didn't MS originally say if you can't establish a connection, you'll still be able to watch Blue Rays, watch live Tv and PLAY GAMES OFFLINE?

izumo_lee2009d ago

I look at it this way. It's their money to use it in whatever they want. So if some people want the XBone that is fine. However they are gonna learn the HARD way about what Microsoft is trying to do, so they better not whine & bitch cause the majority told them so. The uninformed & casuals are gonna take that bait & be suckered into something they really don't need. The hardcore fans of Xbox like Greenpowerz,Neverending are lost causes & will never be turned so why even bother.

Anyone who understands what is going on know better & all these online polls show that if you know the facts the PS4 is the more consumer friendly system to have.

ATi_Elite2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Once Halo on the XboxONe releases, Microsoft will have the Console Gaming world HOSTAGE AGAIN!

The phrase "HALO NUMBERS" was invented for a reason! XboxOne Begins when a HALO game is launched on it.

Halo Numbers = the HUGE amount of units Game and Systems sold following a Halo release.

Also N4G is overrun with PS fans but remember MOST multiplats sale more on the Xbox360 and I expect MS to make sure that happens on the XboxOne as well.

ZoyosJD2009d ago

You are far underestimating the outrage over MS policies and the absurdity of it's price.

Amazon has a vote up and PS4 is currently winning with an 18 to 1 ratio.

At this rate the console itself won't even make "HALO NUMBERS".

ion6662009d ago

bungie is not making it ,I'm out.Thats like giving zipper interactive's socom to slant six.......Oh wait -_-*.

OrionNoctis2009d ago

you forgeting about Destiny, halo is old , Destiny will be most successful Bungie game to date , 360 was ok Xbone is'll see

ShugaCane2009d ago

You're right. Let's not even estimate it.

Moonman2009d ago

Don't underestimate the power of consumers. :)

-Alpha2009d ago

I can't even understand the XBox One.

sly-Famous2009d ago

Dont overestimate it either.

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