E3 2013: Crimson Dragon Demo Impressions - STFUandPLAY

Tony Polanco from STFUandPLAY writes, "Full disclosure time: I LOVE Panzer Dragoon. This was a series of bad ass shooting games that I played on my beloved Sega Saturn. Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwie and of course, Panzer Dragoon Saga are some of my most beloved games. While I was at the Microsoft event earlier this week, I completely lost my mind when a spiritual successor named Crimson Dragon was shown. Crimson Dragon is not a new game. It was revealed a while ago but since it was a Kinect game, I quite frankly didn’t give a shit. The latest version of Crimson Dragon has full-on controller based gameplay, so that made me a happy boy. As I stalked the Microsoft booth I stumbled upon this game and actually had my breath taken from me."

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