Bethesda teases "really awesome project" from Elder Scrolls team,"100% unrelated" to MMO

Bethesda's Pete Hines has told OXM that game director Todd Howard and his Skyrim team are already working on a new single player RPG - but it's a way off yet.

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KillrateOmega2013d ago

A new TES? With next-gen power behind it?

I'm salivating.

biRdy2013d ago

Would be cool if they would make the next Elder Scrolls span more then one area

Mr_Nuts2013d ago

Elsweyr and Valenwood ....two places next to each other each with there different landscapes and setting.

Reverent2012d ago

Personally, I hope it will take place on another continent entirely. Like Akivir.

NameRemoved00172013d ago

100% unrelated means its not even closer an elder scrolls game which = fallout 4 or a brand new title.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2013d ago

He said 100% not related to TES MMO not Elder Scrolls in general.

orakle442013d ago

actually it says, 100% unrelated to it could still be elder scrolls related.

but with that said, please let it be fallout.

2013d ago
luoshuigui2013d ago

I hope it's not Fallout4, they really should give the IP to Obsidian, Beth did a pretty good job on FO3, but any true Fallout fan will admit New Vegas is what a successor of Fallout2 should be. Fallout3 's story, writing, characters and mission structures are way off the mark for a Fallout game.

Gh05t2013d ago

I dont agree with that statement but I dont care who they give the franchise to to create I just need another Fallout game. Give it to arkane studios for all I care. If Howard has an awesome new Idea let him go play. He does brilliant work. But dont let Fallout sit because of it.

greatcrusader442012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

New Vegas is definitely more of a successor than Fallout 3, but I'm not sure if I want Obsidian to make Fallout 4, I mean they are amazing storywise and with a game's RPG mechanics, but that ambition is greatly hindered by their lack of technical prowess to make it all work.

Fallout engine is buggy period, but every game Obsidian has made is riddled with bugs, FNV, KotOR 2 (more LucasArts fault than them I guess)and Alpha Protocol, hell Fallout 2 was made by a lot of the Obsidian employees when they worked for Black Isle, and it too was glitchy before the unofficial patches. One minute you'll be blown back by how awesome their games are to then have a broken quest or the game flat out crash on you.

I'd like Obsidian to make another Fallout game, but after Bethesda's fallout game(where they'll have an updated engine) and hopefully Beth will take some cues from New Vegas and make it more like the old ones (AND PLEASE NO MORE ENCLAVE, I'VE DESTROYED THEM TWICE ALREADY.)

Also Chris Avellone is working on atleast 2 projects I know of, Project Eternity and I remember him tweeting he was in the new Torment game a few months ago (he initially just gave them his blessing to make it) so I'd rather him finish those 2 then have his attention fully on Fallout.

YNWA962012d ago

Simply more of fallout 3 and new vegas will be good enough.... Maybe all the land between the 2 cities too.... Awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.