E3 2013: why Square turned Versus XIII into Final Fantasy XV

EDGE: "Final Fantasy Versus XIII became Final Fantasy XV two years ago as a result of the project’s increasing size and scale, Tetsuya Nomura has told us."

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ShugaCane1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Well, I assume the fact that the number XIII is related to the most hated opus of the franchise helped a lot.

Summons751685d ago

But it's still in the Fabula Nova Crysalis family so there goes your theory. Also a very small portion of people actually hated the game. It sold well both times and was raved by critics and actual final fantasy fans....sorry bud but ff7 isn't a godsend or the definition of a "the best" final fantasy.

Pozzle1685d ago

Aliens: Colonial Marines, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and every Call of Duty also sold well. Sales =/= quality.

Also what constitutes an "actual Final Fantasy fan"? So not liking one game in the entire series invalidates a person's "fan" status? o_O

Summons751685d ago


no someone who says it's a bad game and act like FF7 and 10 are the only games that anyone can compare Final Fantasy too and clearly have no reference to any actual games in the series.

Heck most haters/FF7 fanboys don't even know that it was them who gave SquareEnix the idea of the fast paced battle system because of the excellent reception of FF7: Advent CHildren or that FF10 was more linear than FF13 and they share the same leveling system. Also the whole linear argument is hilarious to begin with because of the fact EVERY FF is linear.

People who clearly have no knowledge of the series but still hate FF13 because it's "cool" are not real fans. Also I never once mentioned sales = quality but when fans rave about it and critics do too makes you think something is wrong about what the haters feel (even though it's your opinion and your entitled to that) but your not entitled to act like you speak for the entire fan-base whom the majority liked it.

CrossingEden1685d ago

most hated my ass, lightning is the most popular final fantasy character in japan and the sub series only needs to sell 300,000 more copies to be a complete success

FamilyGuy1685d ago

It was so they could put it on the Xbox as well.

Versus 13 was touted as a PS3 exclusive and they had to change the name in order to go multi-platform.

It's just that simple.

The negativity surrounding FF13 may have had a little to do with it but if that were the main reason they wouldn't have continued to make FF13 sequels.

George Sears1685d ago

I miss turn based Final Fantasy though....

Panthers1685d ago

I do too, but I am currently playing through the older games on PSN, and honestly the ATB system did not age well. The whole menu system feels archaic. I love my JRPGs, but ones now-a-days need to be a little more action oriented.

Pozzle1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

The older games might not have aged well, but I still think FFX-2's style of battle system holds up well. I don't see ATB as outdated. Some people just prefer more slow-paced strategic gameplay over action-oriented gameplay, and there's nothing wrong with that. I think ATB/turn-based could definitely work in this era of gaming, as long as the battles themselves are fluid and fit seamlessly into the rest of the gameplay.

Panthers1685d ago

True. The older games had to load before each battle and that really slowed things down. I suppose I am against the whole random battle thing. If they could make it seamless between battles and out of battles then I would be ok with it.

I get so annoyed when I take 3 steps and enter battle lol.

Pozzle1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

The random battles in FFX were the worst for me. That loud glass-shattering noise haunts my nightmares. D:

kalkano1685d ago


Now THAT I can agree with. One area where turn-based RPGs need to evolve, is getting rid of random battles. It wouldn't even be hard, with today's tech.

Still, I always get about 5 times the enjoyment out of turn-based, as opposed to action.

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AznGaara1685d ago

Because Nomura said so lol

Pozzle1685d ago

Calling it "FF Versus XIII" would probably confuse the hell out of the average gamer who walks into a game store and sees it sitting next to FFXIII.

josephayal1685d ago

that just not sound right. Square really in trouble eh?

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