5 Things Every Game Company Gets Wrong About Gamers

David Wong of Cracked: Every demonstration of the supposedly awesome new features of these upcoming games and systems made me feel like the first time I saw a New Yorker fold up a piece of pizza and eat it like a taco. There was that moment of self-doubt, like maybe I was the one who had been doing it wrong, before I snapped out of it and said, "No! You're the one who's crazy."
Because game companies seem to think ...

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KillrateOmega2012d ago

This article hit the nail on the head.

kneon2011d ago

They left out

"We're not all pre-pubescent boys"

Way too many games seem geared to this demographic, most of which are rated M for "mature".

KillrateOmega2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

LOL. This.

There's a sort of irony there, a game being rated Mature that is targeted at a demographic that is hardly mature.

DragonKnight2011d ago

Cracked always has the best "Top ___ reasons" articles and this one is dead on.

SpinalRemains2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Best and most accurate article I have read about videogames in a while.

Spot on!

The cutscene QTE knock was perfect. Press X to win then sit back and see cool stuff. Lmao.

Devils advocate tho, I thoroughly enjoyed Heavy Rain. I do think there is a place for a QTE game, it's just not in an action hack and slash game. Its been done to death and its time to go back to playing.

Jayjayff2011d ago

I like Cracked as much as the next guy, they're pretty funny. But this one is definitely not dead on and has things wrong.
"You don't care what games actually are" No, it's called a preview. They give a short amount of info and wait for the game to be in a presentable level to slowly give you info and keep the game in your mind. What do you expect, to show you everything there is to do in the first god damn trailer? Which goes to my next point, THIS IS NOT THE ONLY INFO THE REVEAL BEFORE RELEASING. Also, The order wasn't a cutscene but In engine. Which contrary to what he points out, doesn't mean that cutscenes will look like this, but the cutscenes will be made by using the same thing you play with.
Xbox one is not on its final built so I wouldn't be surprise if they're simply using specs that fit the console for the Bf4 gameplay. And god damn it, he keeps mentioning how this if the only info we will ever get as if there is going to be a black out of everything consoles after E3, And is simply bs.

He's spot on the tablets, although Bf4 has got it right in my opinion with the commander mode. As it stands on it'd own feet and is not integrated as part of the main event, you could be a commander when you are not closed to your console and still level up your character as some sort of sideway event but yet very important. Easily the best use of the technology. And money, god damn these things are expensive.

mydyingparadiselost2011d ago

If the only thing a company can show you is a trailer and footage running from a computer maybe they should just WAIT before chucking it out for people to see. Bioshock Infinite wasn't even able to include a decent amount of the features and gameplay touted in it's E3 reveal, Aliens:CM was, well, you know what it was when it released but that's not what was shown before its release, there's the Killzone 2 and Halo 2 trailers that are mentioned in the article and many, many more. I understand getting your product out there and showing off what your company is working on but there needs to be a point where these guys say 'Hey, maybe 3, 4 or 5 years in advance is a little much' or 'How about we make sure it works on our system and THEN show what we've got'. FFV13 was announced and shown off so long ago that now it's a different game altogether!
I'm all about teasers and getting people excited for new releases but where is the line that seperates showing off from just plain lying?

Jayjayff2011d ago

This is a business, there is a need for advertisement. And these things are on a time slot, do you really expect to see someone playing a game in commercials? of course not, they will have to make a trailer. It's about getting the product out and making you anticipate it, E3 is a big event that is sure to have eyes. It would only be a problem if, and only if, the only thing we know about the game is from cgi footage but this is absolutely never the case. I would agree with Killzone 2 at least, as I'm pretty sure Sony said that was going to be how it exactly looked. But to give you an idea of what the game is going to be and then give you information of how it work on gameplay is not lying. It's like complaining about a movie lacking a scene that was in the trailer, it's simply trying to give you the idea. This should be common sense now.

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