Babes and Creeps: Throwing Rocks While Living In Glass Houses

Frontburnr: This is the post where I complain about other people writing posts about “booth babes,” specifically posts calling for the eradication of said babes which start out talking about how objectified the women are but almost always devolve into slut shaming and name calling.

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xHeavYx2010d ago

It's a trap! No pics of babes!

agentxk2009d ago

There is a pic of Nigri, kinda.

2pacalypsenow2010d ago

The boobs is a lie (GlaDOS voice)

KillrateOmega2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

People like to complain about sh*t, even if said sh*t is insignificant. It's just how it is.

agentxk2009d ago

I think that was kind of her point! lol