E3 2013: The Order: 1886’s Obsession With Alternate History | IGN

IGN: "PlayStation 4 is getting perhaps its most intriguing exclusive from a very unlikely source. Ready at Dawn, the Sony-affiliated (but technically independent) developer, well known for its God of War games on PSP, has made the great leap from handheld to console. The Order: 1886 is the result, an alternate history take on 19th century England that merges a familiar and well-worn setting with unique technology and a mysterious, monster-like foe."

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Pintheshadows2009d ago

I'm so down with this. If they had showed a little gameplay it would of been my favourite thing out of E3 but I need to see more. NEED.

Sevir2008d ago

and it totally Made sense why the game was trade marked in both the US and Europe, since Sony confirmed the System was releasing in 2 regions this fall.

The game looks incredible, but It seems this might actually launch in 2015, which makes me wonder if the game was in production since 2011/12 and still hasn't left preproduction, then why even show the game when its a long ways off!?

Still excited

Smoey2008d ago

I'm buying this. The trailer looked great it's great the PS4 has a new IP too.