E3 2013: Beyond: Two Souls’ Story Keeps Getting Crazier | IGN

IGN: "Beyond: Two Souls could very well be PlayStation 3’s superb swan song, a fitting end to the console’s impressive legacy. But it also has the potential to be something else entirely, something unfocused, confusing, and perhaps too ambitious. Both sides of Quantic Dream’s most recent project showed itself when I sat in on a behind-closed-doors demonstration of a new part of the story, a section of the upcoming PS3-exclusive title that left me both excited to play the full game and concerned that it might be a little too muddled for its own good."

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Blacklash932007d ago

The story was said from the very beginning to be about Jodie's journey through life, struggling with her powers and people trying to exploit her. It's not a supernatural mystery, but a thriller with a supernatural element.