KickBeat on PS Vita: Strutting Its Stuff at E3

Neil Sorens // Creative Director, Zen Studios writes:

If this is your first time hearing about KickBeat, introductions are in order. KickBeat is a rhythm action where you fight baddies in time with the music. It’s different from other rhythm games in that you play the action itself instead of playing an interface (bars, arrows, button icons, etc.) that’s slapped on top of the action. Enemies come at you from all directions, and you fight them off by pressing the buttons representing those directions at the right time. So let’s say an enemy is attacking you from the left. Hit the Square or left button (or tap the left side of the screen) when he gets close enough, which will match up with a beat from the song, and you’ll serve him some kung fu smackdown. Simple enough, right? There are some more advanced controls later on, but you get the general idea.

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TheTwelve1984d ago

Really looking forward to this one!

And I wish to see another Patapon...

TongkatAli1984d ago

Can't wait! I'm be putting Little Wayne tracks in this game : D

r211983d ago

Same here :D This game also games with the feature to make matches base on the songs you already have in the ps vita. How awesome is that!