Battlefield 4: Confirmed Weapons List

Can't wait to get your hands on BF4? In the mean time, preview this list of the confirmed weapons so far.

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Akuma2K1927d ago

Cool weapons list, hopefully we get the confirmed vehicle list soon too.

6DEAD6END61927d ago

I really wish they would do license weapons like Medal of Honor Warfighter did. Like Remington, Larue Tactical, Sig Sauer and Knights Armament.

Majin-vegeta1927d ago

Take BF gameplay and mix it with MOH customization bam you have a good game.

6DEAD6END61927d ago

That would have been sick.

Akuma2K1927d ago

Yes, that would be awesome.

Akuma2K1927d ago

Maybe this isn't the complete list and there's more on the way, you never know.

titletownrelo1927d ago

DICE isn't showing any mercy this gen in terms of customization. More attachements, tons of scopes, and a bunch of readily available gun paints.

MWong1927d ago

I can't wait to see the full weapons and customizations list. I still wish they would give Assault ammo and Support health kits. Support have LMG's which can have 300+ rounds and then add unlimited ammo.