Lightning Returns: E3 Interview With the Voice of Lightning

Square Enix Presents sat down in a brief interview with Ali Hillis, the voice of Lightning, and discussed her journey of portraying the iconic, pink-haired protagonist and how she has evolved within the Final Fantasy XIII saga.
After the mini Q & A, two short clips were shown featuring exclusive details on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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SegaSaturn6692009d ago

Wow, she's pretty good looking. Shame the game is gonna be diarrhea.

SexyGamerDude2009d ago

I'll give it a chance. It's nothing like 13 or 13 -2. New battle system and it is supposed to be open world.

goldwyncq2009d ago

Yeah, battle system is more akin to an action RPG, just like FFXV.

chikane2009d ago


Love ff13 hate ff13-2 so maybe i'll like this one. maybe not the biggest fan of Light.

Biggest fan of Vanille -_-

Number-Nine2009d ago

same, but i am not going to even bother with this game.