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Shane Wall writes, "Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is a new spin on the much loved tower defence franchise, bringing everyone’s favourite characters into a new 3D third person shooter environment. Like the original, this game is all about humour and looks like a lot of fun to play. Crazy Dave even makes a return, giving briefings before missions and he’s somehow crazier than ever."

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Shad0wRunner1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

This game is a joke.

Idk what POP CAP was thinking, trying to turn PVZ into a COD FPS for XBoxOne. It wont work. It's WAY too different from the previous PVZ and cant even be considered a true sequel. Thats like trying to turn PacMan into a FPS, where you run around trying to kill ghosts by hurling power dots at them.

No thanks. I'll wait till PVZ2 hits consoles.

jmc88881984d ago

Actually both would be good.

I want a sequel to the 2D version, but I'll happily look at a 3D version.

But remember it's still a tower defense game. Just more along the lines of Sanctum and others where you place down traps and then also have a character who can shoot.

You're just not understanding it. You're also expecting it to be a sequel, when as you mention you're waiting for PVZ2 to come to consoles. This game isn't PVZ2, it's a completely different branch of the PVZ tree. This game is more like dungeon defenders, which was a great game.

There's room for both types.

To each his own, but if you've played some of the first person tower defense games, as they are popular, and approach it from that direction, you may change your mind.

Ofc it's your choice. But what they did is nothing new, games like Orcs must Die are really fun as well.